Highway 18 – Jay Joins in on the Jockularity

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been able to watch any of Highway 18 as I’ve been working hard on my tan in sunny Playa Del Carmen 🙂 Actually, I’ve really missed the show. I get Golf Channel by satellite here, but for some reason, Highway 18 airs 1 week behind the USA and Canada. Oh well, I finally got to watch episode 3 last night and caught up on what happened in last night’s show as well from the GC recap and friends and contestants who were able to watch it.

I will be interviewing many of the contestants this week covering the last two shows to try and catch up, so come back and check those out. Today, I was really happy I was able to connect with Jay Reynolds to get his perspective on the shows to date. He and his dad are definitely front-runners in this series and it looks like they are sitting pretty with no strikes against them going into episode 5.

Next week, it’s lights, camera and action when the contestants visit GOLF CHANNEL studios to host a Golf Central highlight package and put up with some pretty harsh criticism, according to the latest preview data from GC (but, it couldn’t be worse than the forums I’m sure :)).

Then it’s off to the Faldo Institute for a chipping challenge, where teams are not allowed to continue until they hole out a shot. Finally, with elimination on the line, it’s off to Innisbrook Resort to follow in the footsteps of the PGA TOUR on the famed Copperhead Course, which we hear is amazing from a man who’s played a lot of golf on a lot of courses.

I can’t wait!


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