Highway 18 – Rob and Charlotte’s Dive and Catch

Well episode 3 and 4 should be called the Rollercoaster 18, not Highway 18 for Rob and Charlotte. They certainly did dodge a pretty big bullet on week 3 and that “big break” helped them breeze through episode 4 to stay on top of the score board with Jay and Peach.

I was rather surprised at Ashley Davis’ “Yes!” exclamation when Rob missed his shot at the race track. I wanted to ask Rob how he felt when he heard that for the first time on TV and about the tension that is mounting between them and Ashley and Ashleigh. His answer may surprise you, as well as some inside scoop on what happened at the race track when contestants tried to “leave the track”.

I’m always happy when I get to interview both halves of a team – you get different perspectives on the same content. Today was no exception as I was able to catch the eloquent Charlotte on her way to play one of the last Duramed FUTURES tour events in PA.

Oh…BTW…did you know that these contestants have a professional camera guy riding shotgun all the time? Each team had one camera man for the entire show to film them (at the beginning when they are in the line-up, in the car, running in challenges, etc.) Also, in the back of the Buick there is a production assistant that is writing down everything the contestants say and time plotting what was interesting about the trip. Boy, I’d love that job! I could turn it all into a book or certainly a magazine article or two or three. 🙂

So…these “amateur actors” are surrounded by media all the time. I’m amazed at how well they handle that. I don’t know about you, but that would freak out a lot of people. I guess that’s one of the things they must look for in the selection interviews.

Anyway…I’m curious what fun awaits these two at Faldo’s institute. Imagine having to chip until you hole a shot. I’d still be there!

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