Highway 18 – Episode 7: Never give up…Never surrender

Tonight’s Highway 18 episode might have been seventh heaven for the Ash’s, but for the southern boys, Andy and Parker, it was hell on wheels.

What a sad day for those good ole boys and all of us fans. They have been such a huge part of the entertainment – they will be sadly missed. But I love what Parker said – they still can say they were 1st – 1st to be eliminated on the 1st Highway 18.

I was pleased to be able to chat with Parker this week to get his thoughts on that day. He and Andy are truly “southern gentleman”.

There were so many times tonight when I said out loud, “I can’t believe that just happened.” The first time was when Pinnacle Long Drive team member Brian Pavlet hit a putter 292 yards! I have trouble getting long putts to the hole and he hits one 292 yards! Crazy. Next it was hearing Ashley say the show had been good in terms of “eye candy”, in reference to Brian – too funny, especially after Peach called the girls eye candy just a couple of weeks ago.

Then listening to the Ash’s laugh and sing “We are the losers” after their struggles at the range and the boys whistle “Jesus loves the little children of the world”, I started to wonder if maybe a little carbon monoxide was leaking into their cars. LOL

Finally it was those two short birdie putts that Andy and Parker missed. It was so uncharacteristic of them, especially when we remember the unbelievably long putts Andy made in the last two episodes. But I guess that’s why they call it golf…

I chatted with Ashley and Ashleigh after the show and needlesstosay, they were riding high. How they recovered after the range is still hard to understand, but Ashley does share some insights into things that happened that we didn’t see…

Jay joined me this morning to talk about Brian Pavlet’s amazing talents off the tee with crazy clubs and Raul and Jameica’s hole strategy. He also had something to say about the difficulty of their hole versus Andy and Parker’s…

We haven’t heard from Jameica in a while. I wanted to get her perspective on last week’s ruling and also on her and Raul’s strategy on hole assignments. Sounds like we are in for some drama in weeks to come…

Now let’s hear from Raul – I think you’ll agree that their strategy for hole assignments was based on some serious thinking and scenerio analysis…

And let’s not forget half of the last team with still not strikes – Rob Campbell…

And his lovely and very talented sister, Charlotte…

Yes, it was a sad day indeed for Andy and Parker, but something tells me those two southern gents won’t be gone for long. We’ll see them again soon and they’ll be as funny and entertaining as ever.

But for the two Crazy Canucks, it’s a day of celebration. They may have come in 2nd tonight, but I bet they feel like The Champions of the World.

I’ll be chatting with the other contestants this week, so ya’ll come back now, ha hear!


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  1. Being a good ole’ Georgia girl myself, I can say that you can’t keep a Southern man down! 🙂

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