Highway 18 – Episode 9: Jay Mangled by Blue Monster

It was a bitter sweet semi-final tonight. The team most fans thought were a shoe-in for the finale were tripped up, giving serious advantage to the other 2 teams. Tonight Jay and Peach not only reached the end of the road on Highway 18, it could have been the end of Jay’s golfing career.

That fall at Doral Resort was no boo boo you could just put a bandage on – it was a serious injury that required medical attention. But like all dedicated athletes, Jay and Peach never gave up and fought hard to the finish. And wasn’t it interesting….this was the calmest we’ve ever seen Jay on this series and I don’t think it was just the ice and drugs. He took the fall like a man. I bet his dad is pretty proud of him. I will be talking to Jay on Wed morning to get more details on what happened and the injury, but first let’s hear from the 2nd place team – those crazy gals from Canada – Ashleigh and Ashley.

Would you have believed the Ash’s would still be here after the 2nd episode? Neither did they – they didn’t even bring enough clothes. Guys…make note…woman do NOT always overpack! Jay joins us now and gives us an inside scoop as to his injury and how Golf Channel dealt with it.
So sad really. Jay and Peach were considered the favorites by many. Must have been really hard to watch the final episode from the sidelines, but I guess we’ll hear more about that next week. But the good news this week is that Peach has joined the party. What a nice man! Of course, we chatted about Jay’s accident, but also about some other things we’ve all been dying to ask him about his name, his relationship with Jay…
Meanwhile, I asked Charlotte what she thought of the hole assignments at the end – they seemed a bit uneven to me. And she also clears up what happens next week given they are heading into it with no strikes to the Ash’s one.
Rob shares more details about the whole day and the impact Jay’s injury had on the last challenge.
Raul watched it for the first time last night because he went home for a day during the taping, and shares why that episode surprised him so much…

I was sorry we didn’t get to see more of Andy and Parker at that pit stop at Shell World in Key Largo. But we do get to hear from Parker today and his take on what happened at Shell World and the final challenge.

So it sounds like Jay and Peach were allowed to compete, but the time difference from the doctor’s visit was just too much for them to overcome. That makes sense to me. It would be unfair if the time at the doctor’s had not counted against them I guess. Every other delay we’ve seen so far, for whatever reason, has been counted. So as sad as it is, I guess the only fair thing to do was to count that time. Can you imagine if they didn’t get that penalty? Given Jay’s one-handed talents, I think we would have seen some other contestants yelling “Foul!”.

Anyway…on to next week. I can’t to watch, but at the same time, I am not happy to see the show end. I do hope they bring back another Highway 18 and I hope Andy and Parker become regulars on Golf Channel.


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