Monthly Archives: October 2008

Golf – a marriage maker or breaker

Well, with Big Break: X Michigan focusing on “couples” of all sorts, and the drama between them, I decided it was time to bring out the GFW post I did earlier this year about golf being a marriage maker or breaker (hated to see a good post go into the same big black hole like the magazine did – sniff ... Read More »

Big Break X: Michigan – Glass Attacks and Heartbreak

Big Breaks are all about immunity + elmination – and we’re all prepared for that. But tonight I almost wished the Golf Channel only showed the immunity challenges. They were so great, especially Robbie’s and Haymes’ glass breaking exhibitions. I’ve seen Tiger miss those numerous times, along with Mike Weir, Vijay, Furyk and others. Lucky you say? Of course…but I’d ... Read More »

BO GFW: Angel Park Mountain – Golf that’s juusst right!

This past spring, my golfguy and I spent 5 days in Las Vegas, playing golf at a different club every day (Angel Park Palm, Boulder Creek, Revere, Angel Park Mountain and Legacy). We had some interesting experiences, some bad experiences and some really memorable ones. Today was one of the memorable ones because it was just sooo “nice”. “Nice” seems ... Read More »

BO GFW: A piece of golf heaven in the city of sin

When I was planning our golf trip to Las Vegas this past spring I asked around about which golf courses would be best for us given our handicaps and preference for wide open spaces. There are soooo many great courses in the City of Sin, and picking just the right ones was kind of tough. But I have to say, ... Read More »

BO GFW: What’s your pink elephant?

What is it you try sooo hard not to think about that you can’t think of anything else? We’ve heard it time and time again – golf is a mental game – a game of inches – ie. the 6 inches between your ears. We all know it. But…do we all believe it and I mean believe it so much ... Read More »

Highway 18 – The Campbells scramble Canadian bacon and eggs

Well, from the first episode to the last, there was never a dull moment on Golf Channel’s Highway 18 (okay, maybe the Trump croquet challenge was a bit lame, but overall, this series was a rollercoaster physically and emotionally). I watched every episode at least twice because I found myself missing so much. It was a fun and exhilerating ride, ... Read More »