Big Break X: Michigan Premiere – From shakey shanks to sure shots

Well, no sooner did Highway 18 end, than the next golf reality TV show began. We hardly had time to breathe before Golf Channel kicked off its 10th edition of the BB series with a show that I think will have people coming back for more.

I thought it was great that the show was almost entirely about real golf with real golfers. Oh sure, there were some sh__ks, but nerves will be nerves. Don’t forget there were some clutch putts too. So I think this is going to be a really good series.

And of course, the prizes are amazing:

Tour Exemptions:

PGA: 2009 Children’s Miracle Network Classic at the Walt Disney World Resort
LPGA: 2009 Bell Micro LPGA Classic
SkyCaddie will cover entry fees for
LPGA and PGA Tour Qualifying Tournaments


Each winner gets a BMW 328i coupe (with trip to the BMW Performance Center)

Golf stuff:

Dick’s Sporting Goods gift package (2 x $5,000 cash + 2 * $2,500 in gift cards
Adams Golf endorsement contract plus 2 * $5,000 cash

This week, I’m pleased to be able to interview 4 of the contestants on the show:

Andrea VanderLende from Longwood, Florida plays on the Duramed FUTURES Tour, where she already has a top-five finish this year and is good buddies with Charlotte from Highway 18 (down Harry :)).

Haymes Snedeker from Fairhope, Alabama, is Brandt Snedeker’s brother, but what’s really impressive is he’s also a judge (and he’s only 28!). How many times do you think they say ‘Here comes the judge.’ on this series – let’s count.

Amber Prange of Noblesville, Indiana, the younger sister of Big Break V: Hawaii winner Ashley, Prange, is also on the Duramed FUTURES Tour. If she ever tires from golf, she could trade in those faiways for runways.

Michael Michaelides from East Elmhurst, N.Y., a 2-time MVP from Long Island University who likes to compete in National Long Driving events.

Let’s start with Amber Prange.

And now Michael, “I’m in a zone; leave me alone.” Michaelides 🙂

This morning I had a chance to catch up with Haymes Snedeker who shared a funny story of his first day as a “star” 🙂

And finally Andrea and I had a great chat about her impressions on the first show, her great putt, and the smart advice she received from her pal, Charlotte Campbell of Highway 18, “Don’t read those blogs!” – LOL – Charlotte didn’t take her own advice; I wonder if Andrea can keep herself from checking out the forums. Let’s hope not :).

You know, I’ve been thinking…maybe Golf Channel should syndicate its reality TV shows and sell them to network television. We know that tons and tons of couch potatoes love reality TV, so I think they’d enjoy watching shows like Highway 18 and Big Break. In fact, they might like them even more than we golfers do. We hear from the golf purists all the time – “Give me golf – forget the drama!”. Well, tonight we got golf – so we should all be happy. And for non-golfers, they got eye-candy. So let’s spread these shows around – there’s something for everyone and it just might grow interest in the game and bring in more sponsors (which every one of these players need).

Just a thought…I’m stepping down from my soapbox now 🙂

But for the record…I think that this Big Break is going to be great – it plays up the drama in the previews a bit too much, but it looks like there’s a lot of golf being played out there and that’s what we all love – great golf – great competition – great teamwork. I think this show has it all.


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  1. Hey Gayle! Awesome interviews. Really enjoyed watching last nights Big Break episode! There was a lot of golf too.

    Thanks again for the interviews. I am going to the Longs Drug Challenge this weekend. There are 108 golfers in the field.

  2. You know I really have loved the Big Break and have been following it since the first season. My only problem is that it’s just not easy to catch unless you’ve got DVR and I seem to be the only one of my friends that is even aware of it. Your syndication idea would do wonders for this show.

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