Big Break X: Michigan – Long Drive to Nascar Crash

When thinking about what to call this post tonight, I couldn’t get Haymes’ great sound bite out of my mind, “It’s like watching a Nascar crash, hoping no one gets hurt.”

I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching Sally and Dave go at each other wondering if the two long driving champions would drop golf gloves on the green and take each other out. Wasn’t that just too bizarre for words?

I bet 99% of the people watching the previews this week thought one thing…”Dave and Sally are going home.” Even up to the last 5 minutes, I was sure they would be eliminated. Not because they aren’t good enough to stay, but because their team dynamics (or lack thereof) are so bad, there is no way they can survive another show where teamwork is a big part of the equation.

What a bizarre show! From Dave deliberately hitting his shot into the trees so Sally would have to do a knock down shot out, to Rachel’s 4 iron punch shot that rolled through the bunker to Casey and Rachel’s Classy Snowman, this show was one shock after another. I lost count the number of times my golfguy and I said to each other, “Did you see that!!!” LOL!

But the biggest shock was seeing Michael and Sherri take the walk. I didn’t see it coming. Certainly they came into tonight far behind Haymes and Bernie, and it was pretty obvious they would be in the elimination challenge, but I just didn’t expect them to lose. Oh well….that’s golf I guess…

I spoke to Michael right after the show to get his thoughts on tonight’s antics and action…

I’m so happy that Michael will continue to chat with me after every show. He always adds insights and information that we didn’t know by just watching the show. His perspective from the elimination zone will be very interesting – of that I have no doubt. Thanks Michael!

Got up early to chat with Dave this AM. Gotta love his nickname for himself on the Golf Channel blog – “Darth Dave” – too funny. Whether you love him or hate him, his interviews are always entertaining.

I caught up with Sally Dee this morning. I really wanted to find out what happened that caused her delay getting to the afternoon’s challenges. And of course, get her side of the Dave and Sally saga. Here’s what she said…

Haymes is always a great source of information and has quite the way with words…

Next week’s show seems to move from “War of the Roses” to Haymes and something about his baby that was on the way during the taping. I will assume all turned out okay, but it will be interesting to hear from Haymes what went on during those very upsetting moments.

Amber wraps up this week’s interviews with a few words about the show and her golf swing…

Andrea isn’t available this week, but I’m looking forward to hearing from her next week as well.


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  1. The truth is somewhere between Sally and David’s version of the events. Would be more ‘dramatic’ if TGC had taped David wanting to quit the show and aired it, since (so far) what the viewers seen so far, has no indication he would quit under any circumstances unless Sally quit first. If anything, the friction seemed to elevate their golf game. The antics takes away from the actual golf moments, good and bad, which were funny at times as well as dramatic on its own merits.

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