Big Break X: Michigan – Black is beautiful and deadly

Being “in the red” is usually a great thing in golf – negative scores are great – Tiger’s roars in red on Sunday are worth TIVO’ing – golf and red just go together in golf.

But not tonight. Tonight, black ruled!

Bernie and Haymes in their pink/black attire just didn’t have what it took and they quickly found themselves sitting on the sidelines waiting for the semi-finals next week.

Yes, I know, Robbie and Amber also joined them (well, maybe not as quickly as this show was apparently one of the longest days in BB history), but didn’t you find it strange to see 2 of the 3 teams completely dressed in black? I sure did. I know they have “GC dressers” help them put outfits together, so I found it strange that they let two teams start the day all in black.

Oh well, I guess this isn’t a fashion show ;), but the way the cameras find their “below the waste” targets sometimes, you begin to wonder (I’ll say nothing more on that “touchy” subject LOL!).

Anyway…back to the golf…

I don’t know about you, but I found the scoring on the first set of short game challenges completely confusing (maybe it was the Malbec I had at dinner :)). Thank goodness I could ask Michael what was going on or I would have been up all night trying to figure it out 😉

Caught up with Sally Dee to get her thoughts on this week’s show, but first I had to ask her about the Madonna concert she went to last week….

Haymes and I had a great chat about last night’s exhausting episode….

Ah ha! Now I understand some of the things I saw and heard that didn’t make sense. Thanks Haymes!

Hope to chat with Amber and David as well, but haven’t quite connected yet. BTW…Did you read David’s blog last week? If not…you should. He had a great idea. He suggested that Don Donatello and he could star in School of Golf: DETENTION. LOL!!! That is too funny. I for one would watch that show. 😉

Thursday update…Andrea was off to a bit of a shakey start on Wed, ending up T89 with a 73. Let’s send her good thoughts and wishes today to try and help move her up the leaderboard.

And don’t forget to catch Dave Andrews’ posts on CyberGolf – today he shares a pretty heartwarming story about Liz Stuart from Big Break Ka’anapali. She’s currently tied for 110th with Brian Vega.


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  1. Interesting episode. Lots of clutch shots and from the audio interviews, the teams battled it out for hours on end. Too bad TGC couldn’t show or didn’t mention all the ‘ties’.

    The clips for next week hints at both teams breaking down. Robby telling Amber he knows she’s mad and he’s mad and Haymes saying the ‘has to fight his emotions, and fight his partner’. Seeing Haymes rake the leaves and making sand castles doesn’t look good.

    Was showing Robbie and Amber running towards and hugging each other at very the end of the episode a giveaway for next week or even the final? Or was their ‘between the wall’ tips placed in the ‘extended exit interviews’ last week a view into the future?

    Many have commented that Amber doesn’t seem the type to genuinely hug or kiss to another person unless she’s got something she wants. A/R’s relationship looked forced/scripted for the camera from the beginning of the show. It’s not like the Hugo/Cammie hugs and kisses after one makes a clutch shot.

    In any case, the last 2 episodes should be good and all 3 teams are good enough to win it all. The pressure of being so close may come down to a few lucky shots/breaks.

  2. Very perceptive comments. Thanks! I wondered if Amber and Robbie were on the outs during this episode – they didn’t look at each other during their interviews at all – very cold. Don’t forget, that they were “dating” and Hugo and Camila are a “couple”.

    Now…I have to go watch those next week previews! 😉

  3. Big Breakers after round 3 Q-school:
    (probably missed a few…lol)

    T10. Jeannie Cho-Hunicke -5
    T31. Kim Welch -1
    T68 Ashley Prange +2
    T81 Dana Bates +3
    T106 Briana Vega +7
    T114 Elizabeth Stuart +9
    T121 Andrea Vanderlende +10

    Jeannie has been very consistent so far and should earn her card. Kim does better on the Champions Course but struggles slightly on the more technical Legends Course.

  4. Big Breakers after round 4 Q-school:

    T9. Jeannie Cho-Hunicke -9
    T50. Kim Welch E
    T61 Ashley Prange +2
    T99 Dana Bates +7
    T99 Briana Vega +7
    T122 Elizabeth Stuart +11
    T122 Andrea Vanderlende +11

    Not sure if Kim Welch made the final cut.

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