Sherri McDonald answers the 64 million dollar question

Yesterday I posted The 64 million dollar question and received a lot of great feedback about the comments/advice from the ladies and gent who helped put it all together.

Today, I had the pleasure of talking with Sherri McDonald of Big Break X Michigan about this hot topic.

Sherri has played golf since she was a youngster; she competed at Penn State University and after graduating… professionally.

In 2002 Sherri became the Head Women’s Golf Coach at Monmouth University.

Sherri’s been there/done that. So she is a great source of information on what’s happening out there to address this issue. Listen to what she has to say…

I never realized how much was happening right now to address this issue. Thanks Sherri! I feel so much better now. There is hope!

Now, let’s turn that hope into reality. Start spreading the news people! Hmmm…why do I suddenly have an urge to put on a Frank Sinatra CD? 😉


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