Big Break PEI – Episode 1: Live By the Driver – Die By Everything Else

So, what did you think of the first episode of Big Break PEI?

Personally, I thought it had the best opening challenge of any Big Break yet.

Leveling the playing field right off the bat with a 3 foot knee knocker putt was brilliant, especially with the mind games the Golf Channel played with the contestants as they headed to the green.

Great drama!

I felt so badly for Kim when she missed her first shot of the series, but she certainly redeemed herself later. And a few of those other putts really just squeeked in the left side. This was no gimmey putt. I loved it!

But poor Robert…oh my! His motto to “Live by the Driver and Die by the Driver” may not be the best mantra for him to use to succeed in golf, unless, of course, he wants to be a long drive champion.

His second shots were less than stellar and his putting wasn’t impressive. Sure that one shot over the trees from the other fairway was cool, but I would suggest that he call Mr. Pelz ASAP.

I was sad to see him go, however, as I heard that he is very funny. He probably would have added a lot of humor to the whole series. Although…that being said, Brian’s “Is he going to use his putter again.” comment was pretty funny. So maybe Brian will be the entertainer in the group (although something tells me he’ll be more of a problem child ;)).

Anyway, it’s not what I think that matters. I am sure you want to hear what the contestants thought of the first show. But before I get to them, I want to welcome Michael Michaelides from Big Break X to the blog. He was so much fun to talk to in the last series, I really wanted to hear what he thought about this group of Big Breakers, now that he’s been through the experience himself.

Now on with the contestants…

First up, Blair O’Neal. Blair shares her first episode jitters and the best/worst things about Big Break PEI.

Cool to hear from Blair how nice Robert really is. He didn’t get a chance to show us his real personality it would seem. Too bad about that.

Now, let’s hear from Derek. Derek is in Mexico on the Canadian Tour and couldn’t watch the show, so I really enjoyed teasing him about his sound bites 😉

Next up, the very entertaining, Irish lass, Brenda McLarnon…

I can’t wait for Brenda’s “colorful” interview next week, LOL!

I caught up with Gerina as she was finishing up a round of golf. She surprised me with some things I didn’t know. I love it when that happens.

Hmmm…I wonder what Annie Mallory was doing there? Do you think there will be some past Big Breakers joining in on the competition? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

And now for the answer to the question we’ve all wondered about. Why did Brian throw up his hands and then the grass after making that shot? Check out what he had to say…you might be surprised.

I’m hoping to chat with William as well this week. So make sure you come back for that.

And I’ll get some of the other past Big Breakers to join me from time to time over the next 2 months to share their thoughts on the show and competitors as well.

So let the 11 weeks of Big Break PEI fun begin!


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  1. Thanks for the work. Let’s get more Gerina! ~ Ben.

  2. It definitely looks like there are a couple characters on this show. That is always good for some laughs. I’m surprised that there are no tour exemptions on the line for prizes…but instead the $100k from The Golf Channel. I’ll be watching every episode.

  3. I was surprised too, but I think the money is good. An exemption into one event is so limiting. With 100K they can invest in their game and career and have a better chance of succeeding I think.

  4. whats the matter tons of fun only give and never take

  5. Hey Mr. Anonymous. If you’re looking for your comments, you posted them on a different story(check out the one about Derek G. below and you’ll find them).

  6. Hey Ben. Cool about Gerina winning the $1,000, eh? I’m interviewing her later today for my post on Football’s Fumble. Check it out.

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