Big Break PEI Episode 6: Brian’s Sad Song

Well, Big Break PEI fans, you might hate him…

You might love him…

You might even want to take him under your wing and mother him…

But the one thing you will never do is…

Forget him.

Brian Skatell is an unforgettable Big Breaker that brought laughter to our lips, explictives from our mouths, and tears to our eyes during his ‘oh so memorable’ adventures on Big Break PEI.

Brian was the guy you loved to hate (until you got to know him)….the guy you couldn’t believe said the things he said (until you understood the context of his outbursts)…the guy, who against all odds, lasted through, not just numerous Big Break eliminations, but enormous life challenges.

Brian is one of a kind. I, for one, am very sorry to say goodbye to him on this show. He brought fun, frustration and fanatical frenzy to BB PEI that you couldn’t buy on eBay. I am sorry he is gone…

But now it’s time to hear what the other contestants had to say…

Our numbers are dwindling on this series of interviews, but I guess that’s what happens when our interviewees leave the stage. Sigh…

But there are a few of us left, who have opinions 😉

Let’s start with the man who, just last week, said he’d had enough of Brian, Michael Michaelides from Big Break X..

Good analysis of Aaron’s 13th hole. Lucky for him, his course management didn’t catch up to him yet.

Next up, our ever bubbly Irish lass, who always brings a smile to my face, Brenda…

As Brenda said, she was a bit quiet on this week’s episode. Last week with Nicole probably tired her out a bit 😉 But something tells me we’ll be chuckling again over more of Brenda’s quips soon.

Now let’s hear form the man who probably hit the most incredible shot I’ve ever seen on any Big Break…

After spending a great day at Seymour Golf Club watching Big Breakers Christina Lecuyer, Courtney Erdman, Susan Choi and Amber Prange, and Highway 18 winner Charlotte Campbell, tee off for the finals of the first CN Canadian Women’s Tour in Vancouver, BC, I am back to work on my interviews.

Caught up with Gerina Wed AM, who shared more on the off-camera teasing that went on after Derek’s shot and a little on “life after Brian”…

Brian has had a crazy week, but took time out of his hectic schedule this week to chat with me.

Oh, BTW…Brian mentioned that Aaron and he played #18 three times. They both parred the hole twice before Brian, “misread my STUPID range finder at 168 yd when I was really 148 to the pin“. Poor Brian – not his day…

I am very pleased that Brian will continue with the weekly interviews. I know many people like me will be dying to know what he’s going to say next!


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  1. Brian should never be allowed access to a golf course, ever. He is the epitomy of what a golfer should never be.

  2. Really? All his fellow competitors have nothing but nice things to say about him. This hasn’t been the case on previous BB’s with other contestants.

    I’d love to know more about what you mean.

  3. Brian is a hack. He thinks he is good, but we’ll never see him again. He couldn’t break 80 on a mini tour anywhere. Good ridance.

  4. Wow. You really don’t like him. Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I hope you are wrong.

    But thanks for the comments – I always appreciate the honesty.


  5. Brian has never been a mean spirited person. As Brian said himself, he is being “facetious” most of the time. The producers/editors took most of his comments out of context. They needed a villain, and Brian was the perfect choice. How else would you explain how the other golfers still like him?

  6. “Out of context?”…
    He explicitly said he is better than a lot of tour players. Yet he shot a 3 over for 3 holes on the elimination challenge.

    Sure he isn’t mean spirited, but that doesn’t have anything to do with how horrible he was and how much he talked up his game. Cockiness is a good thing, but it needs to be paired with talent.

  7. Given you are both “Anonymous”, it looks like you’re talking to yourself LOL!

    I feel like a golf forum, which isn’t a bad thing. 😉

  8. I see Brian has residence in Virginia Beach, Is he a local pro offering lessons as well cuz i’d definetly sign up so he could impart some of his shotmaking ability into my game. My favorite person on the show thats not Blair.

  9. Brian has made more impact than he’ll ever know. On Thursday I was playing golf with friends in Miami, a long afternoon interrupted by several rain deluges. While we were sitting in the cart waiting for the weather to clear, the subject of Brian came up a couple of times, recitals of his best comments. Then on the back nine a running joke was, “I hit that one great.” “No, you hit it PURE.” 🙂

  10. What a discusting show thatmached Brian with Michael.Brian’s loss couldn’t have happened to a better person.His profanity garbage mouth has no place on the golf course or TV.I’m sure the golf channel has editors that can do more than just bleep out the garbage that spueed from his mouth.It fool’s know one whith the attempt to bleep.If this is the best so called young talant that G C can find I for one will be blocking this on my TV so my wife and kids are not subject to it.He talked about his fellow competitor chokeing right after he put his approach in the sand. I wonder if he uses that language around his MOTHER. signed: Lost a viewer.

  11. you who didn’t take the entertainment value from the things brian said, i dont know if you’ll ever be happy with anything.

    he would be perfect to have in the club house after a round.

    comments here prove most people are boring.

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