Monthly Archives: June 2009

Big Break PEI Finale: Gillespie Grabs the Gold!

Wow! $100,000 for 14 days work! Hard work, mind you, and definitely work that required years of training and practice, but still…that’s a lot of do re me! And in US $ too! Congratulations Derek!!!! It almost feels like a first place purse at a PGA Tournament – NOT! Need at least 1 more zero to come close to that. ... Read More »

Big Break PEI Episode 10 – Bye Bye Brenda

Well, tonight we bid a fond, but sad farewell to a talented and very entertaining contestant on Big Break PEI — Brenda “Sorry Mommy and Daddy“ McLarnon. I have enjoyed watching Brenda hit some clutch shots throughout the series to save herself from elmination and thought that tonight, right until the last hole when she was only down by 1, ... Read More »

Big Break PEI Episode 9: Gerina’s Not just Anybody

At one point during tonight’s show, Gerina was quoted as saying, “It’s anybody’s game.” And she was right. But unfortunately, Gerina wasn’t anybody tonight. Tonight’s episode saw some typical Gerina shots – smoking drives we’ve come to expect from this long bomber. But then we witnessed the unexpected – a 147 yard shot into a greenside bunker that was instrumental ... Read More »

Big Break PEI Episode 8: Aaron fights to the finish

But the question I have is, “Who was he fighting? – The other players or himself?” Tonight while watching the Big Break PEI, I was really shocked to hear Aaron call himself a “coward” when his chip shot came up short in his playoff against Derek. As an ex-Marine who is both physically and mentally strong, hearing him say that ... Read More »

Golf’s Real Heroes are not on Tour

So often we put on pedestals people we’ve never met – people we only read about or see on TV – people who’d probably never even tip their hats if they passed us on the street. Then we casually take for the granted the people who know us, love us anyway, teach us, and leave an indelible mark on our ... Read More »

Big Break PEI Episode 7: Eugene All Talked Out

So were you as surprised at the ending tonight as I was? I was sure from the sound of Gerina’s voice during her interview that she was eliminated from Big Break PEI. Not that Gerina was expected to lose by any means – even Stina said that Gerina and Derek were “the last two people you’d want to meet in ... Read More »