Mike Perez shares the inside scoop on The Great Golf Ball Race

In last week’s Big Break Disney post I shared a stunt the Golf Channel did with contestant Mike Perez. It was a pretty cool race between a golf ball Mike shot down a track and a stock car with 600 horses under the hood. If you haven’t seen it, check this out…

As I watched this video, a number of questions came to mind, so I decided to ask Mike what that experience was like and, of course, what we didn’t see that ended up on the cutting room floor. Wow!…you have to listen to this…

Interesting don’t you think? I’d sure love to see some of those outtakes!

See you Tuesday after the next Big Break Disney.


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  1. This is for Mike Perez. Imada was RIGHT!! Did he know or was he speculating? You did a great job covering up and you had our family fooled, right up to the last playoff hole! Well done!
    Volunteer, Frys.com

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