RCGA rebrands itself – raises the bar by offering innovative golf membership programs.

This week I sat in on a conference call where the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA) announced that it has re-branded its consumer facing side…Golf Canada.

Now, I’m usually pretty skeptical about re-branding initiatives– often they are just superficial face lifts without real change or much substance. But I’m happy to say that Golf Canada is much more than a new name and website.

According to Scott Simmons, Executive Director and CEO, Golf Canada… “Adopting Golf Canada as our new brand is more than simply changing our logo.  We are committing to a new brand promise of customer service and inclusiveness; working together with the entire Canadian golf industry to grow and shape the future of our sport.”

“Promise of customer service” sounds good right? Well, what’s even better is that they put their money where their mouth is – or actually “our money”. Today members of Golf Canada have a wealth of new value-added benefits with their memberships and they haven’t even raised their prices.

Here are some new innovative perks that come with the standard $29.95 membership:

I love being after to trade in my Aeroplan points for free golf. For only 7,000 miles I can get a $50 gift certificate. That more than pays for the membership.

That’s a pretty good deal since Air Canada isn’t exactly generous handing out points tickets. Finally a use for all those points I’ve been collecting. Hey…maybe Golf Canada should let us buy your renewal membership using points 😉

I also heard from a few people that the RBC deal is pretty sweet as well – they saved between $400-$600 with the new program. Their benefits sure look good for golfers…

Not sure how good the iTravel2000 or hotel deals are yet, but I will try them out this summer and let you know.

Now…for just $25 more, you can have the GOLD membership, which includes:

I am particularly excited about the BlackBerry GPS application since I ready use a BB and I’m tired of paying the yearly Skycaddie fees.

It’s an exclusive deal with RIM for now, but there is talk of opening it up to other device manufacturers after a few months. So iPhone users, just be a little patient.

Now, I’m both a Golf Canada member and a USGA member, so I decided to take another look at what the USGA offers its members today:

Hmmm…getting a calendar and divot tool isn’t much of an incentive to me to upgrade to the $50 membership. Maybe the USGA should take a look at what Golf Canada is doing and step up their membership privileges a notch.

Golf Canada is a breath of fresh air for all golfers in Canada.  In fact, I think it has set a new benchmark in golf membership programs for other golf associations in other countries.  Yes, the USGA and others should take a close look at what Golf Canada is doing (and will continue to do into the future).

Congratulations Golf Canada! I’m proud to be a member of first province to adopt your new branding, Golf British Columbia – Canada’s Golf Capital!


MAJOR REBRANDING RCGA swings into 21st century

Toronto Star
23 Apr 2010

Organization moves to shed outdated image, changes name to Golf Canada after 115 years The Royal Canadian Golf Association is hoping to shed its stuffy image with an aggressive makeover plan that includes changing its brand name after 115 years. The…read more…

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