Big Break Sandals Episode 1: Elena Ends Early

Did you call this one? I sure didn’t. Seeing Maiya look like she’d burst into tears any minute in her post-day interview compared to confidence of Elena radiating from the TV, if I was a betting person, I would have been taking to the cleaners.

But it wasn’t Maiya who’s clock was cleaned last night. Poor Elena – she looked so good at the beginning, but it’s amazing how the tables can turn in golf. One minute you’re on the top of your game and the next minute, you’re on the bottom looking up.

And it’s not like Elena is the worst player in the group. She’s already proven she’s got game. At Ferris State she posted five collegiate victories, received two-time Second Team All-American honors, was Conference Freshman of the Year, 2006 Conference Player of the Year and a three-time MVP. Strange, though, how the Big Break can break even the best.

It’s been a crazy week for me, covering the TELUS Skins Game Monday and Tuesday, so I am behind on my BB interviews. But I am very happy I was able to connect with Taryn Durham earlier today to get her perspective on the show.

Thanks Taryn!

Next week I hope to chat with Taryn again as well as a couple of the others ladies I missed this week. Send me some questions if something’s on your mind and I’ll include them in my interviews.


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