Big Break Dominican Republic Finale: No choking by this golf gal!

I’ve been doing weekly interviews with Big Break contestants since 2008, when Big Break Ka’anapali aired.

My first post-episode chat was with Christina Lecuyer.  That one post set me up for many future interviews with golfers who sometimes left me speechless, sometimes angry and sometimes laughing out loud.  But they never left me bored. I loved them all!

When I saw Big Break DR was going to run throughout the fall, I was sad that my crazy schedule did not allow me to do weekly interviews.   How great it would have been to hear from those  memorable characters who were the drama kings and queens of past Big Breaks. Oh well, life sometimes gets in the way of having a good time.

But I knew this past Tuesday that I could not walk away from this series without at least one conversation.  So, I went back to where it all started, calling up the golfgal who clinched it for her team – the talented and beautiful, Christina.

Reconnecting with Christina was wonderful.  We could have talked for hours; there was so much to catch up on.  But I tried to keep it under 20 minutes (I divided the “public” interview into two parts).  Check out what Christina thought about the new format, the contestants and the drama, from day 1 until the finale…

Thanks Christina.  Sure hope you’ll give golf another try.  I’d love to host you for the Canadian Women’s event in Vancouver next year. 

Many congratulations also to the winning team and MVPs! 

And…If any of you other Big Breakers wants to share your thoughts on the show, you know where to find me! 🙂


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    We missed your coverage this year Gayle…

  2. Hey thanks Brian and Mike! Much appreciated 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll be able to the next one – I hear it’s an all male group. I wonder what they’ll do with the format for that.


  3. I absolutely missed your weekly comments and interviews, Gayle. It really felt good to have an actual adult to about a subject I love. I’m glad you had the opportunity to interview Christina, though, to find out some insight about what happened in the Dominican Republic this past summer.

    I will pm you a cliffs notes version of my thoughts on this past “Big Break” season as soon as I can.

  4. Thanks Bluefalcon! I look forward to your comments on the show. I remember them being very insightful from BB Sandals.


  5. Very cool!

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