Big Break Indian Wells 9: Canada Versus Jamerica

Carl certainly named this show appropriately didn’t he? I don’t know about you, but for me it was as exciting as a Ryder/President Cup match or the Stanley Cup, but this time around, Canada prevailed. 

The Canucks (Kent and David) shut down Jamerica (Carl and Will)  in two nail-biting matches that were so indicative of this entire series.  Mano-a-mano – the guys fought tirelessly to win, and all four contestants should be extremely proud of how they performed, win or lose.

It was disappointing to see Carl leave the show, but it was hard to be really sad because of what he did for the show and all of us who watched – he showed us the power of positive thinking and inspired us all to be the best that we can be. He gave us a gift.

I asked Carl about the impact the show has had on his life and of course, talked about the match with Kent. I soon discovered there was much more to this competition than we saw…

Meanwhile, David had to sit and watch them go at it hole after hole after hole, stiffening up on the bench before he facing Will. It could not have been easy to hurry up and wait to see if he would make it to the final show…

Robbie also joined me this week to share his thoughts on the final four and the ultimate elmination of his buddie, Carl, by Kent.

Next week is a battle of room mates and fellow countrymen.  I’m excited to see how the Golf Channel takes us beyond normal stroke/match play and ties the whole series back to…It’s all about the money!

Until then…

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