Big Break Atlantis 9: Marcela Makes it While Christina Crumbles

Big Break Atlantis is starting to come to a close, and although I’m saddened by that thought, I am also stoked to find out who takes home the cash, prizes and LPGA exemption. 

Patience has never been one of my virtues, but it is one of the most critical skills when it comes to golf. I can’t imagine what each day is like for these ladies where Hurry up and wait is the order of the day.  It has got to start weighing on the players and their ability to play one shot at a time and do it like their playing a round of golf.

We heard Selanee say this week she felt deflated.  Last week Anya played brilliantly all day, only to have her putter go cold on her  in the end.  And this week, Christina remarked on how Glorianna kept coming up short, only to find herself in exactly the same situation, resulting in her taking the walk of shame.

But even though all but one of these competitors will take that dreaded walk, there is little doubt in my mind that these women are good! IMHO they are some of the best players we’ve seen on any Big Break. 

Speaking of being good….After watching Marcela for the past few shows I knew had to talk to her.  I am so happy to report that she’s here with me today to talk about her road to the Big Break and her journey to the final championship…

Thanks Marcela!  I look forward to chatting with you next week. Hopefully my other two Chicks with Stix will be available as well.

Blue Falcon is back with his analysis of last week’s show adding his Big Break Atlantis Fashion score card to his commentary, which I am sure you’ll find very entertaining.  But…do you agree with him? 🙂

See you next week!


Big Break Atlantis Episode 8: “Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range”
(Also known as “Kitty’s Last Stand.”)
by Guest Blogger: BlueFalcon

On the week celebrating America’s independence, there were few fireworks on this episode of Big Break Atlantis.

It was also a sad episode, because Anya Sarai Alvarez became the 8th contestant eliminated from the competition.

At breakfast, the ladies were informed that 25 championship points were up for grabs in this episode, meaning that Marcela Leon, the championship points leader, could conceivably qualify for the BBA final this episode. The bottom 3 players in points after the Immunity Challenge would go to elimination.

The Immunity Challenge would take place in 3 stages. In the first stage, the ladies had a decision to make. They could try to hit a 65 yard shot within 12 feet, or Take a Chance to try to get a wider distance. The ladies would get two shots. A successful shot would be worth 3 points.

Points at start of episode:
Marcela: 82 points.
Gloriana Soto: 66 points.
Christina Stockton: 64 points.
Selanee Henderson: 53 points.
Anya Sarai Alvarez: 29 points.

With co-host Stephanie Sparks doing a very poor woman’s Vanna White, the ladies chose and hit their shots.

Gloriana made both shots-first from 24 feet, the second from 12 feet-to earn 6 championship points.
The other ladies made their first shots but missed their second attempts and picked up 3 points each.

2nd stage: Players would hit shots from 4 locations to circle around green. Each successful shot worth 2 points. If the players missed, they could buy another shot, but it would cost them 1 point. The ladies could buy two mulligans each.

Christina: made 1st shot clean. Missed 2nd and 3rd shots, bought mulligans and made both on second chance shots. Missed 4th shot. 6 points.
Anya: made all 4 shots with no mulligans used. 8points.
Gloriana: made first 3 shots, missed 4th. Chose not to use mulligan. 6points.
Marcela: made all 4 shots with no mulligans used. 8points.
Selanee: ditto Christina’s performance. 6 points.

3rd stage: Hit drives in fairway.
1st successful attempt=1 point.
2nd successful attempt=2 points.
3rd successful attempt=3 points.
4th successful attempt=5 points.

Caveat: if player missed fairway, they would lose any points gained.

Anya: 4 shots in fairway, 11 points. On to elimination challenge.
Selanee: Missed first drive-0 points. On to elimination challenge.
Gloriana: All four shots in fairway, 11 points. Gained immunity.
Marcela: had chance to qualify for BBA final with 3 drives in fairway. She made first 2, missed 3rd. Not yet in final, but darned close. Immune.

Elimination Challenge:
Play out from 3 locations: green, fairway and tee. Highest shot total eliminated from competition.
First location: 15 foot putt.

Selanee and Christina: both made their putts. Anya missed her first but made second.
Score after round 1:
Christina and Selanee: 1 shot.
Anya: 2 shots.

Second location: 150 approach from fairway. Selanee completed location in 2 shots. Christina and Anya both needed 3 to finish location.
Score after 2nd stage:
Selanee: 3.
Christina: 4.
Anya: 5.

3rd location: Play from tee 480 yard Par 5.
Selanee: birdies hole . Safe!
Christina: pars hole.
Anya: had eagle try. Missed that and birdie effort and was eliminated from BBA.

It’s hard not to root for Anya after all that she has gone through. However, I do believe that this experience will help her in the long run. We will just have to see how it all plays out.

Episode 8 notes:
(Beginning this week, there will be two separate grades; One for their play on the course and the other for their fashion sense. )

Anya Sarai Alvarez: Played maybe her best episode, but sadly, it came too late. She knew from beginning of show that she was headed to elimination unless she came up with a superhuman effort, which didn’t happen. I imagine she’s kicking herself about her decision to cash out points to stay out of elimination in Episode 4, but some of the saddest words in the English language are “what if?” and “if only.”

Now, on to what really matters. I liked the collared shirt this week. Anya has wide shoulders with tattoos and short legs which don’t work well with ruffled skirts. Interview attire was adequate. Score: 8 for the golf, 5 for fashion.

Selanee Henderson: Not her best episode golf wise. She went1 for 2 in “Take a Chance.”; 2 of 5 in 2nd stage of IC and missed only drive to go to EC. Made up for it somewhat by winning EC with total of 7 shots.

However, where Selanee has always shined on this show is her look, and this week was no exception. Selanee has an athletic body, and she always dresses it well on course. Off course, she’s even better. LOVED the blue dress-blue is a great color for Selanee. Not as fond of the hairstyle; the poof in the middle of her head wasn’t so flattering. Headbands work very well for her. Other than that, exceptional as always. Score: 5 for golf, 9.9 for fashion.

Marcela Leon: At the beginning of this episode, Marcela had a chance to reach the 100 point mark, and for a while, it seemed that her arrival at 100 was inevitable. She was 1 for 2 in “Take a Chance.” Marcela then made all 4 of her chip shots to go into 3rd stage of IC with a chance to reach 100 if she made 3 drives in the fairway. She made two, but…missed the third! Oh, well.

Fashionsense: Marcela looked like she always does on course, dressing her tomboyish/athletic body in shirts/skirts and looks appropriate and smartly dressed all the time. Ironically, she never wears skirts in the interview room. Score: 9 for golf. 7 for fashion.

Gloriana Soto: Played very well this week. Glo was the only player to make both shots in “Take a Chance.” She made from first 3 locations in 2nd stage but missed 4th shot and chose not to spend point for 2nd chance. Made all 4drives in fairway. Gloriana is still the only player who has yet to participate in the elimination challenge. Gloriana has never been my favourite fashion wise. Looked a bit tired this week. Dresses okay on course. Score: 9 for golf. 5 for fashion.

Christina Stockton: inconsistent on course. 1 of 2 in TAC. Needed 2 mulligans in 2nd stage, and still didn’t score 4 points. Missed only drive in 3rd stage to punch ticket to EC. Christina survived EC, but that was due as much to Anya bollixing the final stage of EC as much as Christina’s own performance.

Christina is a part-time model, but to me, she doesn’t show great fashion sense on course. Dresses okay, but never special. Christina dresses much better in interviews. She has a long, thin body with a short upper torso and long legs, which can be difficult to dress correctly. Score: 5 for golf. 8 for fashion.

As Marcela is now feeling Gloriana’s hot breath on her shoulder, how will she respond? We’ll find out next week and I will be back to report on it.

Until next time…

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  1. Nice job Gayle. I knew you would round up one of the remaining contestants. I suspected it would be Selanee.

    Marcela’s swing has been widely praised on the golf message boards.

  2. Hey Awsi!

    So many people think that I know who wins and I promise you…I don’t and I really don’t want to.

    I had Marcela on my original list of 3 to interview but she was in Mexico and it was hard to connect.

    So when I heard she was back in the states, I was happy to be able to talk to her.

    Although…I sure wouldn’t turn down a chance to talk to Selanee too 🙂


  3. Hi Gayle
    Marcela, Gloriana, Selanee, and Anya will be playing here in Concord next week in the symetra Tour event. Next Monday we all will know who the second finalist is (Gloriana or Selanee), since Marcela earned her way into the final two already. The day after the final round here in Concord will be the final episode of the show where the winner will be determined.

  4. Cool! Thanks for sharing Dave.

    Say hi to the ladies for me!


  5. How much longer do you think this show can go on?


  6. Hey Jeremy!

    I would never have thought BBs would have gone on this long, but I think the GC has introduced enough new challenges and scoring variations on each series to make it more interesting. It certainly has a large fan base.

    I sure wouldn’t want it to end 🙂


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