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Big Break Disney 1 – Ed couldn’t quite do it

Finally, after months of waiting, Big Break Disney is finally here! Is it what you’ve been waiting for? I certainly found myself glued to the TV tonight. And as always, there were some surprises waiting for me. It was great that the Golf Channel started the competition off with some serious competition. That first immunity challenge was quite the opening, ... Read More »

Walking in the Footjoys of the US Amateurs at The Home Course

A few weeks ago I was priviledged to play one of the best courses in the US (and possibly the world) – Chambers Bay in Washington State. If you read my review on Inside Golf Magazine, you’ll probably come away with the distinct impression that I was quite taken with Chambers Bay 🙂 But I’m not the only one…I’m in ... Read More »

Private Golf Courses No Longer Off Limits

As a “public golfer” I occasionally get to play at private clubs where friends of mine have memberships, but most of the time, private country clubs and courses are off limits to me and my golfguy. It’s not that I don’t love public courses. There are a ton of them that are great – just look at Chambers Bay – ... Read More »

My Favorite Bobby Jones Golf Tips

Well, the 2009 Fedex Cup is almost over and the golf season is winding down. Where did the time go? I feel like it was just yesterday we were watching The Masters and talking about the legendary Bobby Jones, as we do every year when the azaleas are in bloom. Well, this year, we get to remember him twice because ... Read More »

Big Break Disney – The countdown begins…

Tick tick tick…only 45 days left until the first episode of Big Break Disney hits the air on Tuesday, October 13th at 10 p.m. ET only on Golf Channel. The cast is an interesting one – all male, with some “celebrities” in the mix, the brother of a PGA player and, someone I’m excited to watch – Kevin Erdman – ... Read More »

Wales offers much more than just the Ryder Cup in 2010

Wow! I just watched the Solheim Cup finale and I was in awe. I love watching match play – there is no more entertaining way to watch golf than players teeing off against each other – Mano-a-mano. It brought to mind the Ryder Cup, one year away, where the best of the best from Europe and the USA will face-off ... Read More »

Michelle Wie – a Sure Thing for the Solheim Cup?

We all know, there are no guarantees in life. And…there are even fewer in golf. Certainly Michelle Wie learned that lesson the hard way, living in a world of unrealistic expectations, and dare I say, exploitation, by adults who were supposed to take care of her. But Michelle was not alone. Others paid dearly for jumping on the gravy train ... Read More »