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Big Break X: Michigan – From here to eternity…how long do we have to wait for elmination?

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailOkay…enough already! Who’s going home??? No one…AGAIN? Aaaarg! I’m starting to feel like Andrea watching James hit those hook shots. Frustrated! I was sure tonight was going to be a “home coming” for one of the 8 teams on Big Break X, but once again, I was wrong. Okay, so if no one is elminated, what do we have to ... Read More »

Big Break X: Michigan Premiere – From shakey shanks to sure shots

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailWell, no sooner did Highway 18 end, than the next golf reality TV show began. We hardly had time to breathe before Golf Channel kicked off its 10th edition of the BB series with a show that I think will have people coming back for more. I thought it was great that the show was almost entirely about real golf ... Read More »

Highway 18 – The Campbells scramble Canadian bacon and eggs

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailWell, from the first episode to the last, there was never a dull moment on Golf Channel’s Highway 18 (okay, maybe the Trump croquet challenge was a bit lame, but overall, this series was a rollercoaster physically and emotionally). I watched every episode at least twice because I found myself missing so much. It was a fun and exhilerating ride, ... Read More »

Highway 18 – Episode 9: Jay Mangled by Blue Monster

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailIt was a bitter sweet semi-final tonight. The team most fans thought were a shoe-in for the finale were tripped up, giving serious advantage to the other 2 teams. Tonight Jay and Peach not only reached the end of the road on Highway 18, it could have been the end of Jay’s golfing career. That fall at Doral Resort was ... Read More »

Ryder Cup quotes and quips

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailEveryone can’t stop talking about the Ryder Cup and how the US skunked the Euros. It was quite the spectacle. When I thought about writing this post, I looked around at what others were saying and thought, there’s not much more one can say, really – the US played better. For once, in a long time, the European team just ... Read More »

Nick Faldo – From Bambi Slayer to Clucking Matriarch

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailI promised myself I wasn’t going to write anything nasty about Nick Faldo in my blog, even though I’m royally peeved that he chose Ian Poulter over Darren Clarke for his team. After months of saying that “form” would be vital, he snubbed Clarke, who definitely was in better form having won two events to Poulter’s none. Now, don’t get ... Read More »

Highway 18 Episode 8: From Immunity to Elimination

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Four remaining teams went from swamp to swank tonight on Highway 18, except for one team that went from swamp to quicksand. If you had been asked before the show who you thought would be elminated, I doubt very much that you would have predicted Raul and Jameica. Twice they gained immunity and then BAM!… all at once, they’re ... Read More »

Highway 18 – Episode 7: Never give up…Never surrender

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailTonight’s Highway 18 episode might have been seventh heaven for the Ash’s, but for the southern boys, Andy and Parker, it was hell on wheels. What a sad day for those good ole boys and all of us fans. They have been such a huge part of the entertainment – they will be sadly missed. But I love what Parker ... Read More »

Camilo Villegas – so much more than just a pretty face!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailBack in April, I did a post on GFW (which is sadly no more) about Golf Channel’s “Top 10 Sexiest Golfers”. I’ve resurrected it here because it seems so appropriate now that Camilo Villegas has proven that he’s not just another pretty face/body anymore. There is a saying that marketing people like me use when we’re forced to put lipstick ... Read More »

From Glory to Gory for Rory

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail It was a sad day for the great phenom, Rory McIlroy today at the European Masters. He started the day with a 4 shot lead – hard to believe you can lose with that – but he did. What was his problem – too much confidence? – too much adrenalin? – too little experience? Maybe all of the above, ... Read More »