Solheim Cup tarnished by bad sportswomanship

Well well well…isn’t this story interesting – and sad! I guess I have take back what I said yesterday that there would be a lot less bitching at the Solheim Cup than the Tour Championship. I was wrong – but I wish I wasn’t.

Can you imagine publicly saying these things about another golfer? I thought we were all gentlepeople in golf (at least on the outside). My goodness, I sure hope Catrin gets her clock cleaned during her rounds. With this kind of catty attitude, she should go into mud wrestling and get out of golf. There is no room for the likes of her if this is her style of play.

Swede Catrin’s sour shot at the Solheim Cup ‘brat’

Irish Independent
12 Sep 2007

THE knives are out ahead of next weekend’s Solheim Cup after Swedish LPGA professional Catrin Nilsmark launched an astonishing attack on a few of the USA players. Nilsmark, a five-time Solheim Cup player, gave a rather blunt account of the opposing… read more…

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