Golf journalists – stick to print!

Well, I think the Golf Channel is getting a bit desperate for new “stars” on its team. Last night I was watching the Grey Goose 19th Hole and Steve Sands was hosting it. Now, I like Steve Sands and although he doesn’t have the same “charm” as Vince Chillini or spunk of Kelly Tillman, he’s not too bad. BTW…where is Vince these days? I missed him on the Big Break Mesquite. Speaking of which…I’m really miffed that Hiroshi is gone – my hottie was just not hot enough this week – how sad…I was sure he was going to win. I expect Brian will take it all now – I didn’t like him much – too nasty (or was that just the GC producers playing with his words….)

Anyway…back to the Golf Channel commentators/experts/analysts…
The Grey Goose 19th Hole’s new “team” of Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post and John Hawkins of Golf World magazine were…how can I say this nicely – “They should stick to print and stay off TV”.

Sorry, they may be good writers and they may know their stuff, but when it comes to TV, you need a “presence” and these two guys have none – nada… the camera is not kind to them. And they tried waaaay too hard to be funny and witty and failed miserably. I turned off the show – it was just too pathetic for words.

Actually, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this attempt to spice things up on the Golf Channel fail. But they haven’t learned. Take the show The Approach with those two so called “experts”, Andrew McGee and Alex Miceli. I can’t stand them bickering and arguing like children.
I refuse to watch that show (which is hard for me, given what a golf addict I am.)

Anyway…maybe when silly season is over, we’ll get some better personalities back on the Golf Channel. Right now, they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel in my mind!


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  1. What is interesting about the Golf Channel is the on air personalities have to be VERY careful what they say and how they say it. From last reports, Mr Palmer still has say in who works there and how they are to behave on air. I like that he is concerned with quality, but sometimes hope that it is not creating a lot of Brown-Nosing. There have been a lot of announcers come and go real quickly due to his overseeing of the image the people in front of the camera must maintain. I am not sure why Andrew has not been canned, espicaly after his remarks on what he says is the only reason Natalie Gulbis is allowed on the LPGA tour…
    I have been wondering where Vince went myself. He seemed to be the only pro amongst them..guess I will have to tap into my Florida connections to find out. As far as Kelly Tillman, well, I’ll just not go there in this forum… Yes, what would we do in the winter without ol GC?

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