It’s golf war syndrome

After a depressing morning watching the Ernie crash and burn at the Alfred Dunhill Championship, I really needed something to laugh about. And this story did the trick.

The reporter, Kathy Lette hates golf, and despises golfers even more. But her rantings are actually quite funny – she’s a good writer, even though she’s completely wrong!

Ms. Lette thinks golfing should be banned altogether, just on the grounds of aesthetics. “Those plaid trousers could be marketed as a contraceptive — except, of course, that golfers are already using their personalities for that very purpose.”

She goes on to say: “The average golfer’s handicap is, therefore, his IQ. Girls, believe me, if your hubby keeps up golfing as a major hobby, he’ll soon have the brain frequency of a lower primate. Or a Neanderthal — who, come to think of it, also ran around the outdoors with a club in his hands.”

She had the nerve to say that golf is not a sexy sport – HA! I am sure Golf Girl will have something to say about that!

Anyway…the article put a smile on my face. If you want a good chuckle, it’s worth a read.

It’s golf war syndrome
Kathy Lette
The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)
09 Dec 2007

The golf gulf between men and women is of Grand Canyon proportions. Most females only like the word ‘‘ fore’’ if it’s followed by the word ‘‘ play’’. This severe allergic reaction to golf begins when a woman is expecting her first baby and her… read more…

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  1. What people will say to get attention…Ms Lette is obviously another lost sole who doesn’t have a clue.

  2. Actually, it’s amazing how many women feel that way…though few are able to write as humorously about it as Ms. Lette. It’s changing…but slowly…and that’s where sexy, fun, flirty golf girls (like us) can help. We’ve just got to keep evangelizing about our awesome sport.

  3. Amen! Ms Lette needs help and we’re the gals to show her the way to golf heaven!

    I personally think that if more golf guys would invite their ladies to golf with them, we’d have a lot fewer “Ms Lettes” than we do today.


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