D-day approaches for Jason Day

I heard on the TV today while watching the Mercedes Benz Championship that Tiger has announced that he’s going for the grand slam again (Ok…so the last one spanned 2 seasons – who cares). Is he getting those 4 majors out of the way so he can…what…only play one more year after that to beat Jack’s record and retire? Yikes? I hope that’s not the case. Although it’s a pretty lofty goal, no one really is surprised given how he’s playing. He’s just being Tiger.

What saddens me is that I think he’s accelerating his career in golf to move on to other things. It would not surprise me if Tiger retired before the age of 40 (maybe even 35?). President Tiger Woods – sound crazy? Well so did Governor Schwarzenegger and who would have thought Obama would take Iowa!! (Don’t get me wrong…I like Obama – in fact, I like him and Hilary, so…either one would work for me). But again, I am digressing from golf…who cares what a Canadian thinks about a US election…

Another thing I heard today on the Golf Channel was that there were only 2 players on the PGA today under 30 that had multiple PGA wins. Is that really true? That sounded very low to me. Tiger had won 46 times, including 10 major championships, before he turned 30. What does that say?

Jason…you have a heck of a challenge ahead of you. I hope you realize that you have to prove you can do what Tiger did in his 20’s before you even think about taking on Tiger in his 30’s.

You may have the talent, but you have to prove you have the “game” and that’s a lot more than just swinging a club on plane. You have to win and win and win and win more than another has ever won before.

Are you sure you’re ready for that?


D-day approaches as Jason begins quest to challenge Tiger’s mantle
Brent Read
The Weekend Australian
05 Jan 2008

SOME time next Friday morning, at the Waialae Country Club in Hawaii, Jason Day will reach for his driver, launch his ball down the opening hole of the Sony Open and begin a journey which many predict will one day culminate in the Queenslander… read more…

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  1. One minor glitch. According to the Sony Open website Jason isn’t in the field. Is he unwell?

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