Oh oh…I’ve been hit by fantasy golf fever!

Oh dear…this article certainly hit home today. I just realized that I am not only a golf junkie, I’m a golf fantasy fanatic too! Yikes…I’m in 3 golf fantasy games this week alone and I can see it’s only going to get worse. I have to get a life!

I didn’t realize the popularity of fantasy golf until I played Fall Fantasy last year on The Golf Channel. I didn’t do too badly for a first-timer, but I do remember I was royally peeved when one of my picks backed out of a tourney and I had to use a mulligan to replace him. I was so angry and was yelling at my computer – do you believe it?

I’m so embarrassed now for that outburst, but my golfguy who played along with me, laughed and said I needed a 12 step progam for my golf addiction. Yes, we’re still together, but that was close 🙂

Anyway, the first step is to admit you have a problem…so that’s why I’m writing this post. “Hello, my name is Golfgal and I’m a golf-aholic – real or fantasy. “ There! I said it…so I must be at least one step closer to sanity, right???

Anyway, I didn’t realize how many fantasy games there really are. I may try the one where you pick the biggest losers. Oh oh…here I go again…

Okay…I can’t help myself, especially in the winter when it’s hit or miss if we can play in Vancouver. I love this city – and I believe it is the best place to live in the world (check out this 2006 video that came out when it was voted the “most livable city in the world” by the Economic Intelligence Unit in the UK – and then…laugh out loud!)…

If you watched that, you’ll understand what I can’t wait to retire so I can spend my winters in Maui. Maybe then, I’ll spend more time swinging my clubs on the course and less time swearing at my laptop.


Tiger even dominates the fake golf world

The Wall Street Journal Europe
11 Jan 2008

HE’S HUMBLED opponents for more than a decade. He’s made a mockery of the world’s toughest courses and forced golf’s establishment to rethink the game’s equipment, its tournament scheduling, even its dress code. Less well-known is the mess Tiger Woods… read more…

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  1. I have a hard enough time dealing with my Real Golf. I could only image how bad I would be playing Fantasy Golf. My definition of Fantasy Golf is going to PGA West Stadium Course and thinking I can hit the green on #17.

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