Palm Springs Golf Getaway 2007 – Silver Rock, home of Bob Hope Classic

Well, we just spent two really great golf days in Palm Springs…

And then there was Silver Rock

Dec 23rd started out so well – good warm up, beautiful day. What could go wrong? How about my game??? Wow! What a hard golf course? Target golf is putting it mildly. I am not surprised that the Bob Hope Classic is scheduled here for January (and the next 10 years). This is PGA material for sure. I can’t wait to watch them play it next month.

The first hole was pretty tame – a short par 4 and made me think, “Hey, this isn’t too bad”

But the course was just trying to trick me. The 2nd hole set me straight – this course is for grown ups! Lots of water on the right – nothing but garbage on the left and you really don’t want to land in that crap. They actually landscape it to make it look nice, but when you’re in it, it’s not nice at all!

Then…another hole to give you hope – a short par 3.

And…I parred the next par 4, which started to rebuild my confidence even further.
Even the par 4, 5th hole wasn’t too bad…

But golf is a cruel game and soon I hit hole #7 – the ladies #1 handicap hole and a killer for me. How can anything so beautiful be so deadly? Sigh…there goes my handicap…

The 8th hole offered a bit of reprieve – nice very short par 3.

But then the water on the 10th hole claimed my ball – twice! ARG!

I wasn’t feeling too good on the 11th until I looked up and saw a plane dipping, diving and spinning around. The trick flyer made me thankful I was down here and not up there…

So now on the 13th, with a blind shot to the hole, I’m thinking – Alcohol, I need alcohol (I never drink while I play, but was willing to break my rule today)…but none was to be found. Where was that cart girl???
The 17th hole was a really pretty par 3 and a nice way to wind down the torture I felt on the back nine. One thing to remember…the back 9 is much colder than the front 9. The mountain blocks the sunshine, so you really feel it.

I didn’t take a picture of the 18th, but I was thrilled to par the short par 5 hole with water all down the right. Our golf partners were so fed up with their games, they spent the time fishing for golf balls out of the water rather than playing it out. I understood their pain. What surprised me was that they had played the course the day before.

I will someday come back and play it again (maybe when they have a better club house – the current one is pretty lame), but there was no way I’d play it two days in a row. I’m just not that masochistic 🙂


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