Read’em and Wish – One fanatic’s strive to drive 15 more yards

I just read a great article from a fellow golf addict from the North East who is itching to get back on the green. It’s funny and waaaay too close to home for me, but it made me laugh and so I had to share it with you.

Timothy Carroll is a writer for WSJ and he shares his passion for golf and his quest to improve his game in a humorous self-depricating way. With almost 1,000 golf books, he spends his winters reading every self-help golf book I’ve ever heard of and many I haven’t (although I’ve made a list for next winter’s hibernation period).

If you want a laugh…you really should read this article. One of my favorite parts is when he talks about his wife’s lack of appreciation for his book fetish:

“Kim asked me once in our almost two decades of marriage if we really needed all of these golf books. I think she was surprised by the forcefulness of my answer. She hasn’t broached the subject since.”

It is good to know that “Five Lessons” is high on his list of books – It’s my favorite and it sits by my bed too for those nights when dreams of eagles and birdies keep me awake.


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  1. The book that’s helped me the most is called, “Take two weeks off, then quit.”

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