Highway 18 – Episode 2: Keri and her Gators Galore

Once again I had the pleasure to chat with Keri Murphy, the host of Highway 18, after this week’s episode. I wanted to know how the whole day started and how all the contestants ended up in a gator-filled swamp. I also wanted to know about her thoughts on the antics of A&A.

I went to the right place. But I’m not sure the contestants felt that way when they stepped out of their blacked out van to face alligators galore.

Let’s hear from Keri on what it was like…

Well, if you remember the intro into “The Swamp” football field scene, you may have noticed that Keri Murphy can strut her stuff just about anywhere. I guess that’s why she’s so successful in running her own modelling company. Did you see how she walked to the camera? I wish I could walk like that. I bet your wondering how she looks swinging a golf club. But I doubt the result of the shot would matter because no one would be looking at the ball. 🙂


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