Highway 18 – Surprise Surprise – 1st strike gets immunity

Well, things certainly have been interesting for Raul and Jameica. First episode, they came “this close” to going home and now they enjoy immunity and watch the others struggle through a challenge where they call the shots.

There’s been quite a bit of talk this week about the strategy used by Raul and Jameica to hand out holes to the other Highway 18 contestants in episode 4. Should they have handed the hardest hole to Jay and Peach when they could have possibly eliminated Ashley and Ashleigh?

I wanted to ask both of them what was their reasoning behind the hole assignments and hear what they thought about the two episodes and what it was like getting the first immunity on the show.

I think their strategy was pretty sound – certainly they thought carefully about it and it makes sense to me. Why eliminate someone you think you can beat anyway? Take down the strongest. I said it before – very Survivor-like.

But…according to Jameica, it looks like the Ashley and Ashleigh team will be “doing whatever it takes” again next week to get ahead. Some may not like their style, but you have to admire their spunk and tenacity.


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