For the golfer who has everything – give them a laugh this Xmas

A while ago I received a couple of books from a publisher asking if I’d like to review them.  Never one to turn down the opportunity to read about more golf tips, I said, “Sure, I’d love to read them.” 

Well, to say they were a bit of a surprise is an understatement, but they couldn’t have come at better time.  During a very hectic fall, I had little time for any heavy reading and these two books were perfect.  Not only did they make me laugh out loud, they slapped me upside the head as well.  When you read them, you’ll understand what I mean.

How to Line Up your Fourth Putt, by Bobby Rusher is a delightfully funny look at the oddities of this infuriating game.

Broken down into bite sized chapters, it’s the perfect “library book” ;), but I read it, and Bobby’s second book (below), back to back in front of the fire in my living room, with a glass of red wine close by.

Within minutes I was chuckling; and by the time I got to chapter 14, “What to do if you Lose Your Mind Before You Lose Your Ball“, I was laughing out loud, calling over my golfguy to say, “Hey, check this one out!” That went on until the end of the book.

Another glass of wine and I was ready for Bobby’s second book, When to Regrip Your Ball RetreiverNow, I assumed that he’d have a hard time finding more ridiculous and yet ‘oh so familiar’ antics to write about.  Boy, was I wrong!

I’m lucky I didn’t choke on my wine when I got to Chapter 2: “What it Means When the Only Way for You to Hit a Good ‘Ballis to Step on a Rake” OUCH!  The cartoon that accompanies this chapter tells the whole story.

I won’t ruin the books for you by telling you too much more, but I can say that inside those 41 + 47 chapters, I found more than a few situations that made me squirm – they hit just a little too close to home.

You can’t read these books without remembering an embarrassing situation in your own game.  And after reading these books, there is no way you can ever step on tee box, enter a bunker or line up a putt without thinking about something Bobby said.

These are great gifts for the golfer who has everything – especially bad habits you want to see them break.  Hopefully they will help enlighten them, but even if they don’t, I am sure your golfing buddy will thank you for the smile they brought to his/her face.

I hope Rusher does a third book. I have a glass of wine waiting for it!


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  1. They are good books as well. I am sure that avid golfers will find this a good reading material.

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