Ain’t Nothing Robotic about Rory

I was golfing recently with a couple I’d never met before.  All weekend warriors, we spent the day hacking and whacking our way around the course, trash talking and having fun.  However, at one point the husband hit his ball OB and although he tried to take it in stride, his wife could see that he was upset and gently reminded him, “It’s just a game, dear.”

Oh if only that were true!  In the Era of the Tiger, golf has become more of an ordeal for pros and amateurs alike, and less of a game. It’s rather sad, don’t you think?

Pushed to win at all costs by a father who saw anything but being #1 as failure, Tiger dominated this sport for over a decade, but he did it at great cost.  Tiger doesn’t play golf – he executes it, almost like…dare I say… a robot.

So when I saw the most recent ad from the European Tour’s “See Every Shot Imaginable” campaign, (Rory Vs the Robot), I wondered if the creative minds who conjured up Jeff, Rory’s trash-talking android antagonist, had Tiger in mind when they produced this brilliant and heart-warming commercial.  Check it out…

Rory McIlroy has beaten just about every human on the planet so for the latest European Tour challenge he's up against a robot. Or a Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine to be precise.This ad not only makes me smile every time I watch it (Rory’s laughter is infectious; you can’t script that), it reminds me why I love watching the European Tour and the men who weren’t/aren’t afraid to let the world see them for who they really are – real people with real emotions, like Seve Ballesteros, Darren Clarke, Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia, Miguel Ángel Jiménez and of course, Tiger’s heir apparent, Rory McIlroy.

Earlier this year when Rory joined the Nike team, some said he and Tiger’s bromance brought out the “Eldrick” in the world’s number one.   Makes you wonder what could happen if Tiger and his Ryder Cup teammates could harness more of that “je ne sais quois” the Euro Tour players carry as the 15th club in their bags.
It would make for an even more exciting battle at Gleneagles in 2014 don’t you think?  One thing is for sure, there’d be nothing robotic about it!


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