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Uncle Billy’s Grave
Commonwealth War Graves, Artolsheim France

As an army brat (a badge of honor I wear proudly), I have a  huge respect for our military and for those brave soldiers who risk their lives to protect us.

My grandfather served in WW 1.

My uncle was shot down and killed in WW 2 before the age of 20.

My father served in both WW 2 and the Korean War.

Francis Edward Moss – My Hero

I was born on an army base and grew up in a home where one didn’t get “grounded” when one broke the house rules – we were CB’d (Confined to Barracks).  It was a different way of life, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

So, to see what today’s Canadian military and their families have to endure under our current government makes me want to scream!

I had a wonderful childhood and as “my daddy’s girl” I was given a lot of love and support from both of my parents.  My mother worked to put me through figure skating and my dad seemed to live his life driving me around to different skating rinks; he never complained once.

He was very good golfer and tried to teach me to play the game he loved when I was in my early twenties.  Unfortunately I was a very bad student, and although I loved watching golf every Sunday on TV with him, I really didn’t take to the game when he was physically able to play.

25 years later I discovered a new love for the sport and he cheered me from his wheelchair when I would visit to tell him about my latest round.  I wish I could have played with him then.

My father died 6 years ago and I still think of him every day.

I know he would roll over in his grave if he knew what our government was doing to those who continue to serve us at home and abroad…

It sickens me to think our wounded warriors are being treated so despicably by those voted into power — a government that spends more time serving itself than those it represents.

I was ranting and raving about it recently when I received an email about David Feherty’s Troops First Foundation.  I’ve always been a Feherty fan, but became even more impressed with him when I saw how much the man from Northern Ireland cares about American soldiers and veterans.

The email talked about Operation Warrior Call — a nationwide event intended to encourage service members to contact fellow battle buddies, to check in, catch up and provide a compassionate ear.  Here’s what it’s all about…

Feherty’s Foundation asks service members to participate in the Operation Warrior Call event by following these steps on Sunday, November 24th:

1. Make the Call: The best advocate for a warrior is another warrior and lessons learned are valuable assets.

2. Answer the Call: This is the best way to continue looking out for the warriors on your left and right.

3. Be Honest: Situational awareness can lead to a positive course of action.

I know from living with my father that battle wounds run deep.  He rarely spoke about his experiences overseas, and when he did, it was about the good friends he made (and lost) or those very grateful victims of war his unit helped liberate.

As a little girl I would sit and talk to him when he shaved in the morning and more than once he would discover that a piece of shrapnel had found its way to the surface of his skin.  He would pull it out and show it to me and chuckle.

I know now that he was just making light of a very scary time for him.  My dad had many scars — most of them internal — and they never totally healed.

I really believe that an initiative like Operation Warrior Call would have helped him work through the pain, guilt and horrors he experienced and witnessed as a lowly enlisted man in the Canadian Artillery.

Today is Remembrance/Veterans Day in North America.  Please take a few minutes to give thanks to those who have thankless jobs.

And spread the news of Operation Warrior Call.  By doing this one small thing, you just might save the life of someone who lived to save yours.

I love you dad!


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