The only drug in golf is golf itself!

If you’re a corporate executive of a company, you’ve got to read this…if you’re a women who thinks golf is for men, you’ve got to read this…and if you’re just a Joe-blow golfer, you’ll enjoy it too. In is finally getting its place in society as a business tool, a women’s avenue to escape the “anti-kitty” crowd and a non-intimidating “stress-buster” game for the average business person.

WHAT???…okay…Golf is a fabulous business tool (I agree, and so does Mr. Business Golf, who teaches us how to use golf as a tool to better perform in business), and it’s a great tool for women to break out of the mold and network with friends and fellow golfers (male or female)…but to say that golf is a non-intimidating stress-buster game, is just too ridiculous for words. There is nothing…absolutely nothing more stressful and intimidating than golf – nothing!! Nada…..nothing…no way…no how!!!!

Golf is THE most stressful and intimidating sport in the whole world BECAUSE you play against yourself. How many times have you heard celebrities and the world’s best golfers say that they “need to get out of their own way”. There’s a good reason for that…Golf is the biggest challenge you will ever personally face in the arena of sport. Ask the greatest sports figures of their time…Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordon … the world’s best athletes perhaps that ever lived, except in golf… and they’ll tell you that golf is a cruel master and one that we’ll gladly lay down our egos to play again and again and again…just because…it’s more addictive than alcohol and drugs…

It’s almost ironic that golf is introducing drug testing into the sport, because golf IS a drug – an addictive and cruel drug that keeps us coming back again and again to rid our demons of past slices, hooks and, dare I say, sh__ks to prove that we are worthy.

ha ha…I had to share this story from India’s Economics Times because it proves that we still haven’t learned…In golf, like in casinos…the only winner, is the “house/course”.

But in the infamous words of Oliver Twist, let us say together…”Please Sir, can I have some more???”

Hit me… 🙂


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  1. Now, now, now…with all this stuff about Hitting You it is starting to sound like you are advocating playing some sort of version of Full Contact Golf.

    Just kidding…you are right on target…golf can be one of the most stress FILLED activities you can play, but stress is what shows character and that is what you are wanting to see in a person you are thinking of doing business with. I would be a little concerned with a person who does not get stressed over playing golf…but this not go to say you should not smile while under stress.

    OK, you can hit me now.

  2. You know…full contact golf doesn’t sound half bad! If we created an LPGA version of it, the ladies might just start raking in some serious $$$ for playing golf 🙂

    Throw in some mud into the sandtraps and who knows what could happen!

    hee hee.

  3. i was thinking about golf as a drug today, and the thought that came to me was that if it IS a drug, it’s different from most drugs, and better in a way. the more you play golf, the better you will tend to get, and the more you will ENJOY it.

    this as opposed to most drugs that lose their positive effect the more often you do them.

    so, if you’re improving and enjoying golf more as you do, the game feels a “good” drug.

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