Vince Cellini is back on the Golf Channel!

Finally The Golf Channel has come to its senses. Vince Cellini is back!! Woohoo!

I couldn’t figure out where he was until I read a story on Waggleroom that said his contract negotiations went sour. What? He was the best they had! How could they just stop talking to him when everyone who watches The Golf Channel loves him?

According to Golf World…(and shared by Waggleroom)…

What a disappointment! Vince was good – on both the 19th Hole and the Big Break. I’m sorry, Mr. Rick Schwartz, but you aren’t Vince (yet) and you just didn’t quite bring that maturity and “statesman voice” to the Big Break Series. It wasn’t the same without VC.

I’m so glad to see him back. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been less than happy with the new media folks they’ve brought to the GC. As my golfguy says, “The GC management needs some adult supervision – they need to figure out what works and build on that. Don’t get cocky with success and believe that YOU “know what’s best”. Lesson 101 of marketing…give your customers what they want, NOT what you want to shove down their throats!”

So…we’ve got Vince back. Thank goodness. Soon, Kelly Tilghman too… (okay…so some folks would disagree, but that’s what makes life so much fun! We can agree to disagree and still be golf buddies :))

Speaking of buddies…what about our good buddy, Charles Davis? Where’s he been lately?
Are we going to see him again on the 19th hole anytime soon? I sure hope so. I miss his intelligence (not to mention his good looks – grin). And he’s such a gentleman to boot. Okay…he’s a hottie…;)

I don’t even watch that show anymore…the analysts they have now are just too boring for words! It’s like they just want to hear themselves talk!

So….welcome back Vince! We’ve missed you. And Charles…come back soon so I can fill my Wednesday evenings with more than writing my next blog posting.


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  1. I have been watching less and less of The Golf Channel these days and I think it is because of what you have mentioned…boring on-air personalities. No, I am not a fan of KT or anyone else who talks in one voice on air and a total different on off air. Just does not sound real when a lady purposely tries to talk like a guy. It is like racking fingernails across a chalk board…the person racking seems to enjoy looking at the grimacing faces of those who are listening to the noise.

    Anyway, Vince is ‘the man’ and was a total breath of fresh air as a replacement for Pete “Give Me A Friggin Break” Kessler. Vince Cellini does have a much better voice and his mannerisms are the same on and off the air.

    What GC is trying to do is bring in the young audience, 18 to 25 year old. ..aren’t we all? However, they do not want to alienate themselves of the audience who buys their sponsor’s products, the over 35 age group. This is why they are trying out new personalities on-air. Interesting they did not tell Vince this during his contract negotiations.

    Now, if they would just dump Andrew Magee…he is a great guy to have on the golf course but not as a commentator. I think TGC is struggling in finding what will work in today’s changing market…I just hope they don’t resort to bringing in the CaddyChicks or Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to start doing Golf Central News.

  2. Thanks Mr. Business Golf! I would love to hear more about the KT “off camera” stuff. I’ve only seen the TV side, so perhaps some insights there could be shared??? 🙂

    Agree – Andrew Magee has to go. I could name a few more, but I’ll be kind. Perhaps I’ll do a posting naming my favorites and they can assume the worst for the others (which will probably be true).
    thanks again…

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