Tag, you’re it! Having fun playing WITB on Find The Fairways

Recently I discovered a new golf site in the UK – Findthefairways.com. How did I discover it? Well, I was “tagged” by them on behalf of Natalie Gulbis in their “Bag tag – what’s in your golf bag” contest. Cool!

I just had to join in on the fun, so here’s what’s in my bag…

What golf bag?
. Callaway Golf Bag

What clubs?. Sweet Spot driver
. Callaway 5 wood
. Callaway 3 and 5 hybrids
. Sweet Spot 4 hybrid
. F2 60 degree wedge
. Callaway Big Bertha irons
. I carry two because I’m fickle – a Sweet Spot putter and a Gemspot putter

What else is in your bag, Golfgal?
Some extra Blingo ball markers from Charlotte Campbell from Highway 18 – so beautiful! I can’t imagine putting my hand up to my cap and not finding one there. So I always carry extras in case I lose mine. And it doesn’t hurt to have an extra for a new GF you meet on the links.

Also, I love my golf coin game. It was given to me by a male friend who loved to gamble on the links. Golf betting is the favorite pastime of almost every male golfer I know. The women I play with don’t like gambling for cash as much. But they love the coin game :). Money exchanges hands at the end, but it’s about “shots”, not about the scores.

Do you carry a lucky charm?
Not really a lucky charm, but, I always have a golf tag on my bag from a
favorite course. My current golf tag is from Talking Stick Golf Course in Scottsdale. I love tags that bring back great emotional memories. They remind me about what’s important – love what you do, and love who you do it with!

What’s the oldest thing in your golf bag?A Nature Valley almond bar from a year ago. Someday I will eat it when I’m starving on the course. Or maybe feed it to the 3-legged squirrel that lives on the par 3, 7th hole at UBC.

Which is your favourite club?
No question…my absolutely favorite “go to” club is my Sweet Spot 4 hybrid.  If I could only play with 1 club all day, it would be a no-brainer for me to grab that club.  It is great off the tee, in the long rough, off the fairway, in the fringe and I bet I could even putt with it.  I just love it!

Now, here are 4 online golfing buddies I’d like to tag:

Golf Girl
Pink Diva
Ladies on the Tee
Women Like Sports

Over to you ladies…What’s in your bag?


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  1. I need to check out those gorgeous ball markers. Love your Shankerella comment. Do it myself when I get all wound up. Your swing doc fixed those precious 6 inches between the ears in 15 minutes? I need doc’s number.

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