Ian Poulter – a raw meal deal

It’s a rare occasion when I read an article and say to you…”READ ALL OF THIS”. But today, that’s what I’m going to. So after you read this post…read the article below.

For those of you who know me, you know I love spunk, talent, style and perseverance (not necessarily in that order). And no one epitomizes that more than Ian Poulter!

Ian Poulter is one of my fave golfers and it’s not because he has a unique sense of style that I love. I don’t care what he wears…I just love his spunk, his talent and his perseverance.

I really think he was given a raw deal about his article in Golf Magazine – mis-quoted and taken out of context. And I’m not impressed with Tiger arrogantly shouting at the Acccenture Match Play Championship, “How’re you doing, No 2?”. Tiger…you are starting to show some class-less behavior!

Ian Poulter is not some namby-pamby rich kid. He’s worked very hard for what he’s accomplished and he has a right to be proud of himself and a right to dream of being better than he is today.

Did you know…

He worked in a pro’s shop earning two and sixpence while his peers were playing full-time on the amateur circuit

Did you know…

He rose above practically all of his peers to stand, just nine years later, inside the world’s top 25.

Did you know….

He went from a £100 Ford Fiesta to glamorous multi-million pound homes in Buckinghamshire and Orlando in just seven years.

Did you know…

He took Justin Rose under his arm when Justin was missing 21 halfway cuts in a row and “taught him out to laugh again.”

He didn’t do this from being full of hot air. He is a good person, can play a mean round of golf and he deserves better than what the media portray.

I love his style, his gumption and his passion. I love Ian Poulter!

Ian…never stop being who you are. Your fans love you and it does not matter what those other nimrods say!

There…you have it!


Poulter needs his Nicklaus side to come to the fore
by DEREK LAWRENSON Golf Correspondent
Daily Mail
03 Mar 2008

ENGLISHMAN Ian Poulter was once described in this newspaper as being ‘half Jack Nicklaus, half Del Boy’. Right now, in the battle of wills between the two, Del Boy appears to be cruising to a five and four victory. All that laughter and abuse you hear… read more…

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  1. I think it is the fashion statement Ian makes that has them riled.

  2. The British press is world class insulting. Still, the author is genuinely pulling for Ian to play well.

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