Countdown to Big Break PEI – Introducing Canadian contestant Derek Gillespie

Well, the Masters is finally behind us. A little anti-climatic, don’t you think? It’s such a big build up, and then Sunday night, it’s all over. Oh well. A big congratulations to Ángel Cabrera of Argentina for a solid win. It was a little sad to see Kenny Perry blow the last two holes, but hey…that’s golf right? And watching Sergio crash was not a pretty sight. Sure hope he can pick it up at the Open.

On a side note, I thought it was funny on Golf Channel when Kelly wondered out loud what food they eat in Argentina. Haha…perhaps she is a vegetarian. But there is no better beef in the world than what comes from Argentina (and hey…I’m a Canadian and we’re darn proud of our tasty bovines). Anyway, enough about dinner.

Let’s talk about the next big thing on Golf Channel – Big Break PEI. It’s only 1 week away (note, they are changing the schedule to Mondays at 9 PM EST), and I am so excited about this 11th season for two very good reasons:

1. It’s in Canada – Go PEI!
2. It’s got another Canuck in the mix, Derek Gillespie.

I recently interviewed Derek for Inside Golf Magazine about his experience on the Big Break. What a character he is! If you’ve read his bio on Golf Channel, then you’ll understand 😉

Check out what Derek thought of the whole experience and then join me each week for my post-episode interviews with 5 or 6 of the contestants. Should be a hoot!

I hear we’ve got a “Boo Weekley” wannabe and someone else who might need to be “bleeped out” from time to time during my interviews. LOL! And of course, there is always a “problem child” 😉 Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I’m also going to be bringing in some past big breakers to share their thoughts on this series and contestants.

Hope to see you back here for all of those interviews. And don’t forget, if you have any questions for the contestants, send them my way. I’d be happy to ask (as long as they are G-rated…yes, I know there are Blair questions out there that are probably too hot for this kid-friendly blog).


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  1. And don’t forget Blair O’Neal, she looks just as comfortable on the runways as the fairways.

  2. haha…no one can forget Blair 😉

  3. U have suggested that Robert should change his creedo and see Pelz. well obviously when u were on the big break moo town edition u must have done so much better…. in Ma. we think u should see jenny craig, golf gal. My brother and I have played with Robert and u have no idea what he is like or how he plays. He did hit some bad shots, but he looked nervous and could shoot a 68 easier than u could eat a cup cake. also he helps uder privileged kids more than u dig into other golfers.lastly he would kick my ass for being rude to u, but since he never talks smack I will.

  4. u probably wont publish that. u cunt

  5. Well, Mr. Anonymous. I had no problem publishing your first post – everyone is entitled to their opinions even if they express them without much tact.

    I normally would not publish your second post as it is offensive, not just to me, but my readers (some of which are children) and adds no value.

    However, I think it is important for readers to see what kind of person you really are. If you are so proud of yourself and your comments, why do you hide behind “Anonymous”?

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