Big Break Disney 2 – The curtain falls for Andreas

Andreas bb disneyThey say in show business, “Break a Leg” instead of “Good Luck” because superstitious actors believe that saying “Good Luck” will only bring them bad. I wonder if maybe someone whispered those two deadly words in Andreas’s ear as he headed into day 2 of Big Break Disney.

The son of actress Susan Lucci certainly didn’t win any Emmys’ or Oscars tonight for his performance. But golf is a fickle game – probably not unlike show biz in many ways.

It was too bad we didn’t get to know him better. In two shows we have gotten to know some players quite well, but Andreas wasn’t one of them. A quiet and unassuming golfer, he really didn’t get a chance to show us his stuff (except for that 175 yard shot last week which was impressive). Sorry to see you go Andreas. But happy you have the resources to make it on your own, unlike some of the others who really need a big break.

Actually, I’m pretty happy tonight because my 4 picks all stayed in the game. However, two of them certainly made me sit on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. Let’s start with Vincent, who wow’d us with his home runs, but too many near-misses sent him into the dreaded elimination…

And then there was Blake – the self proclaimed hothead. I was expecting worse in terms of temper from him tonight, but no clubs were broken in this week’s episode. So happy to see Blake stay in the game and see him fight another day…

Kevin had it easy this week – no elmination for him. But remember for him it was just yesterday he was facing “going home” like the 5 guys today did. I wonder if being “benched” ever felt so good.

Finally the home run king himself, Tony Finau. Wasn’t it great watching him hit those 22 balls over the wall? I bet that was almost more fun than winning the $5K and immunity – almost 🙂

Great show tonight don’t you think? Golf Channel did a terrific job with the competitions and editing. And they did something else recently that was pretty darn cool if I do say so. Or perhaps I should say, it was hot! Really hot at Walt Disney World Disney Speedway where Big Break Disney Golf contestant Mike Perez (brother of PGA TOUR pro Pat Perez) teed up a ball on a straightaway, ready to bomb it down the track racing against a stock car racer with 600 horses under the hood. Over 300 yards, the car and the ball race toward the finish line – who will win the race? Check this out…

Gotta love a good race. I’ll be talking with Mike Perez tonight about this whole event and get the inside scoop on it, so check back for that.

I can’t wait until next week to see the glass breaking challenge and the special surprise guest. Any idea who it might be? Pat Perez would be an obvious choice, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. The problem with Big Break is that you usually don’t want them any of them to lose. (Ok, there’s usually ONE jerk you want to lose, but they generally don’t make themselves sufficiently hated until the fourth or fifth show.)

    By the way, Mike was a bit slow off the line. Turtles only win in fables. Better talk to him about that, Gayle… and wish him good luck from me. (Ok, I know they shot the show several months ago… humor me!)

  2. Interesting comment about Mike, Mike 😉

    I think we may hear some interesting stuff about his “take off” at the race track tonight when I talk to him. He told me that there is more behind this story – hmmmm…

    But instead of “wishing him luck” I’ll tell him to “break a club” 🙂


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