Big Break Disney 7 – Gipper Gets Wet

It was a sad night for the Finau family on Big Break Disney, but a scenario that had to be played out eventually – either this week or next, one of the Finau brothers had to go home. Tonight Gipper was the one who “missed the fairway”.

And although I was sad to watch Gipper go home, I was left thinking of the words Bobby Jones said about Jack Nicklaus, when I watched Gipper hit the ball a mile – “He plays a game of which I am not familiar“.

Wow! Does he have a long game or what! Irons from 260+ yards to the green???? Is that real? Amazing player – just a bad night. Golf is a game of inches, as they say, and his drives are so long that an inch of error off the tee results in many feet off his landing area – sometimes those feet get wet.

Gipper, you were so much fun to watch and I look forward to watching you grip it and rip it off the tee on tour someday. Hang in there – you have what it takes!

This week I caught up with Vincent to talk about his thoughts on this week’s show. Love his analysis of the players and their game…

Tony had a tough night watching Gipper be eliminated, but was still positive about the future of the Finau family in the final episode. Not surprising given how well he has played this series. Another great demonstration of golf by Tony this week makes him a solid choice for next week’s final challenge…

Kevin is currently on my favorite island on earth – Maui. He and Courtney are celebrating their 5th anniversary in paradise (oh…I hope I was allowed to share that ;)). As much as I hate them both right now (it’s below zero here in Vancouver), I am so happy that Kevin’s wonderful birdie putt on 14 won him his match solidly and put him in the finals next week. Kevin is a testament to what a great short game can do…

Connected with Blake after his long drive from Colorado. Not exactly golf weather there right now – brrr…

Should be a great final episode with Kevin “Cinderella” Erdman, Mike “Hotstuff” Perez (or was that Hothead ;)) and Tony “Boom it!” Finau in the mix. Some would say Tony is the hands-down favorite, but in golf, you just never know, do you? Look at this year’s PGA major winners.


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  1. Good interviews, as always, Gayle. I enjoyed Tony’s description of their junior golf days, particularly the line about his dad, “We didn’t know he didn’t know anything…” LOL.

    For a few weeks I’ve handicapped Mike as the likely winner but Tony sounded very upbeat this week. I may have to re evaluate. I guess the tipoff will be who arranges a big watch party with her family and friends, like Kim Welch did.

    So don’t ask that question. 🙂

  2. Thanks Awsi! Given that Tony and Gipper watch BB every week with their family in Utah, I’m not sure a party would give much away. 🙂

    Mike did do that car race stunt with GC, so that’s a consideration.

    And Kevin’s looking to move to Scottsdale and has been playing a lot more golf, so…

    you just never know 😉


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