Big Breaker Gerina Mendoza Conquers Q-school

Well, it’s the Tuesday before Christmas and although Big Break season is now over, I had to do one more Big Break interview before closing out the year. And who better than the latest Big Breaker to make it through grueling Q school to hit the big leagues – Big Break PEI’s Gerina Mendoza.

Gerina was a regular guest on my weekly Big Break PEI blog and was considered a very serious contender in that series. In fact, many people believed she would win and were shocked to see her lose in elimination to Derek in episode 9. But that’s how Big Breaks go – you just never know from one shot to the next what will happen.

But this summer, Gerina bounced back and was on a roll of great performances on the DFT, landing her a 12th place finish, less than $1,600 away from gaining her tour card the “easy way” 😉

But that wasn’t a big upset for Gerina – not the way she was feeling about her game and herself going into Florida. On December 6th in Daytona Beach, Gerina tied for 30th during the final round of Q-school and achieved Priority List Category 16 status on the LPGA. Although not certain which events she’ll be eligible to play, Gerina is excited about her future as she should be…

The Golf Channel once said of this bright young bomber, “Gerina has a ton of talent and she will be somebody to watch for a very long time.” I think they nailed that one, don’t you?

Best of luck Gerina next year and beyond. We’ll be watching and cheering you on!


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  1. Unfortunately, given how few tournaments the LPGA will be playing in 2010, Mendoza’s low priority status means she’ll be spending most of her time on the Futures Tour:

  2. Thanks for the interview, Gayle. The Constructivist is probably correct. But there is a chance, to quote that commercial. Haeji Kang had a similar route last year. She finished #11 on the Futures Tour money list, one spot behind Kim Welch for the final card. But Kang improved her status at LPGA Q School, slotting 21-30, identical to Gerina. Kang took advantage and played 16 LPGA events, including a T4, and made nearly $150,000.

    Q School 21-30 slot above Futures Tour 6-10 on the Priority List, Category 16 compared to 17. That’s what gives Gerina an opportunity. She figures to be on the bubble in terms of last in, or last out, but she’ll be ahead of the Futures Tour 6-10 and that can mean several extra events. They key is to make the cut, as Kang did early, because the LPGA re-orders the Priority List every 7 events based on money list.

    Regardless, best of luck to Gerina. She definitely has the best all-around game of any recent female Big Breaker, evidenced by her 71.78 scoring average last year. That would translate well to the LPGA once she has full status.

    BTW, Gerina missed Top 20 narrowly at Q School, despite a triple bogey on her first hole of the event, after a 5 putt from 10 feet. I saw her related quotes in one of the local papers that was following her, perhaps El Paso. Gerina said it didn’t seem real, like a dream.

  3. Thanks guys. No doubt Gerina will be spending a good amount of time on DFT next year, but I think she’ll get to the LPGA just like Kristy McPherson did.

    If she keeps on the roll she’s on, she’ll do very well next year. Interesting that the mental side of her game is what improved and helped her last summer & at Q school.

    Didn’t realize the 16 events for Kang -impressive! Let’s hope Gerina can do the same.

    Sad to see Kim drop down in status, but hopefully, that’s just a short blip in her radar to the future.

    Take care and have a wonderful Xmas/NY!

  4. Gerina was a good golfer on the Big Break and a nice person. So refreshing compared to some of the Big Break characters.

    Best of luck Gerina!

  5. I’ts great to see Gerina get some Tour status…hope she gets to play in some events.

    Another thing. Matbe you could get in touch with Blair…it looks like she will be working with Donald Trump on his new Golf Channel show this spring. It would be nice to hear from her about that!

  6. Thank for the interview, Gayle I hope Gerina gets to play in a few events this year.

    Another thing. It look’s like Blair will be help Donald Trump host his new show on the Golf Channel this spring. It would be great to hear from her about that.


  7. Hi Ray! Thanks for the tip. I’ll try and get in touch with Blair in the NY.

    Hope your enjoying the holidays!

  8. AD makes a good point. Jimin Jeong from the class of ’08 is another positive example for Gerina of someone who seemed Futures Tour-bound all last season, but she tok advantage of early LPGA opportunities and made enough to be #137 on the priority status list for next season.

  9. great post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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