Big Break Sandals 7: Lovely Lady’s Luck Runs Out

Seema Sadekar, affectionately known as “Vegas” on the Big Break Sandals, will be remembered for many things during her 7 week appearance on the show, including a great shot on the 6th island green in episode 5, a fabulous wardrobe with lots of bling, and a run of good luck that baffled more than a few of us.

But unfortunately, that lovely lady ran out of luck this week.

Seema was very popular with the rest of the contestants, and one might think that she was considered less of a challenge.  But one would be wrong.  Seema is a talented golfer.

After graduating in 2007 and turning pro, Seema was the leading winner on the 2008 CN Canadian Women’s Tour. That tour is no cakewalk and you don’t get the top spot without having some serious game.

She’s currently ranked 6th on that tour and I am hoping to see her play in the CN Canadian Women’s Open LPGA event at the end of August.  Best of luck Seema!  

While Lili, Seema and Sara were being blown over by wind on the golf course, Carling enjoyed a leisurely day at the spa with Taryn after winning immunity.  It was fun to talk to her about this week’s episode since she just saw what really happened for the first time last night.

Will try and connect with Sara and Taryn this week, so check back for those!


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  1. Dexter(QuoteGuy)

    Carling is a baller. She has been clutch throughout the challenge. As annoying and a little bit arrogant as The Golf Channel portrays her to be, she has been able to back it up with good play(The Golf Channel does a good job of creating characters with certain footage that they show of people).

    I still like Lili to take it. She’s tough. Taryn has to step it up. I think the other competitors smell blood every time she sets up over her ball. Carling even said that she saved her because she thinks that she can beat her later.

    Good luck to Vegas. I guess she’s not going to get that trip with Alex Rodriguez.

  2. Hey Dexter!
    You have obviously been paying very close attention to this series 😉

    Thanks so much for a great comment and forecast.

  3. Delray Beach Golfer

    Seema is by far my favorite, talk about having game….
    I will be traveling through Canada when the tour starts, I may have to try to get out and see her play.
    Thanks for the great posts – See you on the links!

  4. Hi Delray Beach Golfer!
    Seema is impressive – no doubt about that.

    She confirmed with me that she will be playing the LPGA Canadian Open in Winnipeg at the end of this month. I’ll be there to watch and will definitely write about it and her. Thanks so much for your comment!

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