Big Break Indian Wells 7: Double Trouble

I guess it was inevitable that there would be an episode with two eliminations in it, given that Petey had come back and we only had a few shows left, but I was still thrown for a loop on how it happened.

Imagine how the Music Man felt that morning. John had just paid the price for avoiding elimination the night, handing over $3,500; and suddenly he’s right back in a life & death again situation. Talk about your loss of appetite!

John was always considered one of the favorites on the Big Break IW and yet he lost to the first man who “left” in the field in show 1.  Strange…

And even stranger was how he was eliminated.  I would never have thought John would be taken down in a putting contest, given he has a fabulous short game practice area in his back yard,  But in the battle of dueling broomsticks, Petey sent John packing…with his clubs, his guitar and a sad song.

But…Petey did not get off easy that day. No one can argue that the “elimination expert” had more than his share of make or break challenges in this series.  And although his resurrection was short lived, it was a real pleasure to see him get a second chance to show his stuff on this show.  And he has a lot of good stuff!

Sadly, his stuff was not quite good enough to beat the clutch putts from David Byrne.

Whew, that was a close one for my fellow Canuck! If I hadn’t been taking notes for this week’s interviews, I’d have been biting my nails to the quick. That was the most stressful show I’ve seen yet. Imagine what the players felt!

Okay, so let’s ask them 🙂

But first I have a special guest – David’s golf coach, Luke LaFave. I had the great pleasure of chatting with Luke before the show. I wanted to find out why David said to me that “Luke is the reason why my swing has changed so much for the better. He’s the only one I trust with it.

I wonder how Luke was feeling watching the show tonight (or if he has any fingernails left). Haha!

So let’s hear from the man of the hour – the one who had us sitting on the edge of our seats up here in the great white north…

Robbie joined me to talk about his thoughts on the rollercoaster day, his opinion of long putters and his new enterprise…

Check out and order a T-shirt, cap or mug. I’m definitely going to grab a few for myself and gifts for friends who are afraid to say the “S” word 😉

I connected with Carl today and enjoyed a chuckle or two over the drama of the day, the emotions of the teams and the twists the Golf Channel has introduced this season on the Big Break.  The past – it will haunt you!

Next week sounds exciting and just a little scary.  I can’t wait!

Until then…

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