Big Break IW 5: Redemption is Sweet!

Or sour, depending on which Big Break hotel you happen to be staying in.

Once again, Golf Channel has come through with a great new format change to the Big Break.  Sure we’ve seen playback challenges before, but this one added a new twist on an old theme.  I loved it!

Offering “potential” redemtion to an eliminated contestant was a wonderful idea, especially for someone like Petey, who really didn’t get a chance to strut his stuff on the show.  Well, he certainly walked tall this week and next week looks like it might flip the tables a bit on who’s at the top of the leaderboard.

Watching the episode, I kept thinking about what lessons the 4 challengers could/should learn from the experience.

Justin needs to learn the difference between confidence and arrogance.  Saying it was time to “bring on the pain” was all I needed to write off his game that day.  Over confidence breeds unrealistic expectations and those are deadly in golf.  Russell was right when he said to Justin at the start of the show, “You just don’t get it!”

Robert needs to learn to trust himself.  Watching him step up with a putter 25 yards from the pin set the stage for a train wreck waiting to happen. It was sad to watch.

Russell needs to learn to manage risk.  Like the blackjack game last week to this week’s going for the green on that par 5, he sets himself up for failure.  The odds are against him and yet he just can’t stop himself.  Maybe that’s what makes a good soldier, but it’s not the way to manage a golf game.

Petey seemed to come to the show with the right mix of patience and perseverance.  And during this show, he obviously learned a lot.   Letting Justin putt seemed to be a bad idea at first, until we saw Justin miss that 13 footer. I kept wondering if it was Justin’s comment that his putt was not quite like the one he had earlier  that made the decision for Petey.  Perhaps Justin needs to learn another lesson – when to stop talking. 

Well, the rest of the gang had the day off. Let’s hear from them on what they did and what they thought about this show – remember, this is the first time they’ve seen this, just like us.

First up this week…David, who was one of the few not surprised by this twist…

Carl brings a wonderful strategic look at the show, the challenges and the shots chosen by the 4 contestants…

Robbie wraps it all up for us, as only Shank can!

Well, next week certainly looks like Petey will be thrown into the lions den.  If looks could kill, Will would have had Petey swinging from under the fairway instead of on top of it. 

Looks like Will may need a little lesson in managing his emotions.  Otherwise he, his golf game and his cash may be moving over to Hotel Elimination.

Until next week…

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