Big Break Atlantis 4: Adios to Aubrey

Adios to Aubrey

While watching the Big Break this week I was thinking about how the team play aspect of the show was actually helping those who were weak, while hurting those who were strong.   The speed golf immunity challenge was fun to watch, but did it really separate the wheat from the chaff?  I don’t think so.

And I thought about the fact that someone from this show would go on to compete with the best women in the world and wondered…does the show really result in the best player making it to the LPGA Tour?  Hmm…

But…ours is not to reason why…ours is but to do or…cry. 

Sadly, as with every week on this reality TV show, someone has to go home.  Aubrey, even with her stellar bunker shots, didn’t make it to the 5th show.  But we applaud that amazing bunker play and her goal to be the first “green” player on the LPGA.  Good luck Aubrey!

Meanwhile, Natalia and Anya worked their butts off to be safe on to the next show.  And yet I wonder…if they had been competing head to head with the others…would they have to work as hard as they did this week?

Let’s ask them!  First today is Anya…

Nancy Lopez!  How could I have forgotten her!?  My favorite LPGA player of all time and I couldn’t remember her name. Arg! Sorry Nancy!

Next up Natalia…and the big question for her is…”How do you feel about Wolf?” 😉

Thanks once again ladies!   Chat with you next week.  I wonder what surprise games the Golf Channel has in store for you then. 😉


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