Big Break NFL 1: Stefanie Starts Strong!

Hey everyone,

It sure is great to be back interviewing contestants on Golf Channel’s Big Break.  I haven’t missed any of the past 19 seasons on TV, but it killed me that I couldn’t work interviews into my work and travel schedule after BB Atlantis.

I’m so excited to be back and especially pumped about the twist this season is taking with NFL legends hitting the links with these lads and lassies.  Is it just me or do these guys look just a little out of their league?  Don’t you just love it?

So many of us who watch the BB from our couches are quick to criticize the play of the weak-kneed contestants.
So to see these seasoned veterans with Super Bowls under their belts sweat over bunker shots and putts… well it validates everything these PGA/LPGA-wannabees have been saying for years, and gives all Big Breakers the right to stand up and shout, “I told you it was insanely stressful!”

This series is already proving to be pretty darn stressful for some contestants who have to share the playing field with egos the size of football stadiums.  I’m already feeling Shannon’s and Brian’s pain and the series has just started.

This week I’m thrilled to talk with Stefanie Kenoyer of Team Del Greco. One of the youngest competitors on Big Break Mexico, she was also one of the most accomplished with a U.S. Women’s Open on her resume, and definitely one of the most popular.

In Big Break NFL, Stefanie and her team are breezing through the series so far gaining immunity quickly in the first three episodes.  But as they say… there is still a lot of golf to be played and one never knows what might happen.

Let’s hear from Stefanie on BB NFL and her thoughts about this season after the first 3 episodes…

Thanks so much Stefanie!  Next week is already looking “tense”, but I’m sure you’ll keep your head about you, while others are losing theirs and blaming it on their team members.


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