Big Break Ka’anapali from the inside out

Hey everyone.

It’s almost time for the Big Break Ka’anapali and I’m going to be following that series very closely. Why? Because I’m going to have a special guest along the way. I am really thrilled that Christina Lecuyer, one of the Big Break Ka’anapali Golfgals, will be helping me bring “behind the ropes” commentary to you.

Check out my post on Golf For Women magazine and come back to read next week’s interviews with Christina.

Check out the Preview Video….

Hmmm…seems like some intersting shows ahead. I know The Golf Channel tends to try and provoke the contestants on the the Big Break and so you can’t really tell how much of what we see is “the whole story”. But one thing is for sure… these women are not only beautiful, they are fierce competitors and they’ve got game!

I hope you’ll join me on Golf For Women while I follow the series and get an inside “behined the scenes” scoop on what really went on. And please do share your rants and raves about the show with me and the rest of the readers.


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  1. I am looking forward to the show. I never really enjoyed Big Break until I started watching reruns on snowy days. I love Maui so Ka’anapali is a great choice for the show.

  2. Hi Josh
    Me too! I just got off the phone with Christina from BB Ka’anapali and I’m even more excited.

    If you love Maui, you just have to read my posts on golfing in Maui in 2007.

    I’m heading back in Nov to relive the excitement of playing in paradise.

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