TELUS Skins Game – Why the pros keeps coming back for more…

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailIt’s been 18 years since the first TELUS Skins Game hit Ontario in 1993.  Even in its first year, the event attracted the best of the best — Jack Nicklaus, Nick Price, Ray Floyd and Freddie Couples. 18 years later, some of the names may have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the calibre of professionals who annually flock to ... Read More »

If you’re a Golf Tips Junkie

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailRecently a follower on Twitter commented that my bio should be in the world record books for “most mentions of the word ‘golf’!”  Haha…they have a point I guess.  Here’s how it goes…”I love playing golf, watching golf, writing about golf, reading about golf, travelling and reviewing golf courses. In my spare time, I’m a marketing consultant who wishes she ... Read More »

When life throws you a double bogey, remember what GOLF really means

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailMy golfguy always says, “Life is easy. Golf is hard.” And with my game, I’ve never been able to dispute that. But when I was struck down by the flu and a viral infection recently, I saw things in an even more depressing light — Life became hard and golf, impossible.  Oh joy! Being trapped inside a framework of festering ... Read More »

The Club at Morningside – Golf luxury…pure luxury!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailSpring is in the air is a term that just did not fit the best place on earth this year. In fact, it was warmer in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics than it was from March through April. Golfing was a real challenge unless you like wearing 10 layers of clothing and fur-lined golf gloves. Being a golf addict, I ... Read More »

Peggy Ference is making golf history and playing in the US Open Challenge at Pebble Beach!!!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailWOOHOO!!!! We did it!  We banded together, blogged and facebooked and twittered about it.  We voted religiously every day in April and our votes resulted in Peggy Ference winning the US Open Challenge Contest.  Check out the story in Golf Digest. I am so excited for her.  Now everyone of us golfgals can live a bit vicariously through her as ... Read More »

RCGA rebrands itself – raises the bar by offering innovative golf membership programs.

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail This week I sat in on a conference call where the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA) announced that it has re-branded its consumer facing side…Golf Canada. Now, I’m usually pretty skeptical about re-branding initiatives– often they are just superficial face lifts without real change or much substance. But I’m happy to say that Golf Canada is much more than ... Read More »

Vote for Peggy at the US Open Challenge and help make history!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailNormally I don’t get all excited about the US Open Challenge. In the past I’ve watched a bit of it, but it always seemed like a way for celebs to show off (not big into pro-ams either) and average Joe’s to be humiliated. Remember 2008 at Torrey Pines where it all started…John Atkinson, an 8-handicapper, shot 114. In 2009, at ... Read More »

Maui – where women golfers feel right at home

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Last summer the National Golf Foundation released their 2008 report on the number of people who played golf in the USA over the past decade. Of the 25.7M adult golfers in the US in 2008, only 5.2M of them were women – just over 20.2% of the total.  That’s the lowest percentage we’ve seen since 2000. It’s a sad ... Read More »

Golfers who give back are my kind of people

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailRecently I was asked by a colleague of mine why I tweet. She understood why Facebook was so popular, but Twitter’s value was not obvious to her. I felt that way when I first started tweeting, but decided to give it some time and it didn’t take long for its value to jump off the screen at me. Twitter has introduced me some of the greatest ... Read More »