Big Break Disney – Gipper “flyswatter” Finau finally kills his bug

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailWell, a number of people will be pretty disappointed this week watching Andrew Giuliani exit stage left on the Big Break Disney. And, you may be surprised to learn that I am one of those people. I know, I know… some of you think I don’t like him, but that’s not true. I can’t dislike someone I don’t know. All ... Read More »

Big Break Disney – “Hothead” heads home

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailThis week, we watched one of the most passionate, emotional, entertaining, vocal (and dare I say, controversial) contestants The Big Break has ever seen ‘calmly’ exit the series. Okay, maybe not all that calmly – maybe the Happy Gilmore swack at the ball on the green was a tiny bit over the top, but that was pretty tame for Blake, ... Read More »

Big Break Disney loses a champion

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailSince the day I read the Big Break Disney announcement about this season’s contestants I was absolutely certain Vincent Johnson, the first recipient of the Charlie Sifford Exemption at the 2009 Northern Trust Open, would be the winner. And I was right. Vincent is a winner. The Big Break lost. The wrong person went home. Vincent has game, talent, attitude, ... Read More »

Big Break Disney 5: From sad to sensational

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailWell…I don’t know about you, but for me this week’s Big Break was one sad experience after another, starting with the first immunity challenge. Not one of the players came to that challenge with their A game/shot. No wonder they asked for “do over”. Sure, Tony and Gipper got two points and won immunity and deserve congratulations, but that was ... Read More »

Big Break Disney 4: Sean rides the Disney rollercoaster to elimination

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailThis was probably one of the most nerve racking Big Breaks for me in a long time. While the guys were playing flop shots, my stomach was doing flip/flops as I watched Kevin and Blake inch their way towards elimination. But thankfully they both survived to live another day. Whew! Unfortunately Sean’s luck ran out today as he slowly chipped ... Read More »

Golf Sketch solved my problem of finding that special gift for my golf buddies

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailIt’s rarely that a day goes by that someone isn’t looking for golf bloggers to promote their latest golf-related product, book or service. Don’t get me wrong I love doing product and course reviews, but I want to see it, feel it and try it before I’ll write about it. So when Nick O’Connell wrote me (and some other bloggers) ... Read More »

Big Break Disney 3 – “Skip to my Lou” Kmax gets dunked

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailIt was one of those happy/sad episodes for me on Big Break Disney this week. First I was really happy that Kevin Erdman escaped his second elimination challenge (Although I think he’s trying to give me a heart attack!), but I was sad to see Kevan Maxwell, better known as KMAX, leave this week’s show. If ever someone needed a ... Read More »

Mike Perez shares the inside scoop on The Great Golf Ball Race

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailIn last week’s Big Break Disney post I shared a stunt the Golf Channel did with contestant Mike Perez. It was a pretty cool race between a golf ball Mike shot down a track and a stock car with 600 horses under the hood. If you haven’t seen it, check this out… As I watched this video, a number of ... Read More »

Big Break Disney 2 – The curtain falls for Andreas

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailThey say in show business, “Break a Leg” instead of “Good Luck” because superstitious actors believe that saying “Good Luck” will only bring them bad. I wonder if maybe someone whispered those two deadly words in Andreas’s ear as he headed into day 2 of Big Break Disney. The son of actress Susan Lucci certainly didn’t win any Emmys’ or ... Read More »

Golfers just keep on giving (and not just on tour)

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailYou can always tell when the golf season is winding down. First, Tiger is no where to be seen. Second, the defending champions for the final 5 tournaments of the season are the people we haven’t seen on a leaderboard in the last 6 months and, Third, we have tournaments named after charities and celebrities. Like this week’s Justin Timberlake ... Read More »