Wie Wie Wie…all the way home…

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailHi everyoneIt saddens me to read this story about Michelle Wie. I have so much respect for that girl’s game, but her “entourage” leaves a lot to be desired. I can’t believe what she has had to go through with her parents. How can they exploit her so badly!!! What actually happened with the wrist? What’s the big secret? How ... Read More »

Yeah! Golf rated above par for exercise!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailThere has been some debate over whether golf is a sport. I tend to argue in favor, but I did read a letter to the editor of some paper the other day arguing that it is not a sport because you can smoke while golfing, and what other sport lets you do that? So the other side argues it is ... Read More »

Golfers lose that sinking feeling with floating golf ball

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailWouldn’t you know it…it takes someone from “down under” to invent a golf ball that floats. I sure wish I had it this weekend. I spent a hot, but lovely afternoon playing Mayfair Lakes in Richmond, BC. A beautful course (and club house), but they don’t call it “Lakes” for nothing! I think the starter said there are 12 holes ... Read More »

Amazing Golf Statistic: 14th “hole in one” in just 4 (count em) 4 months!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailWow….14 holes in one…in just the last 4 months. You think that’s amazing…what if I tell you it was a WOMAN who only started golfing FOUR years ago. What can we say, but “You go girl!!!” Golfgal Golfer sinks 14th hole in one in four monthsTIM REID TIMES OF LONDON WASHINGTONCalgary Herald24 May 2007An amateur golfer hit her 14th hole ... Read More »

NOT Business as Usual (WSJ Asia)

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailHello everyone. I find myself reading a lot more of the WSJ than ever now that they seem to be covering golf in a friendly and informative way. As a marketing consultant, I strongly believe in “Relationship Marketing”, even in this Internet age. Of course, I am doing more and more internet marketing through social media outlets, but when it ... Read More »

100 holes in one day –

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailHello Everyone I just heard from a fellow golfer who is just a tiny bit crazy, but I love crazy golfers, don’t you? Can you imagine golfing 100 holes in one day! Well, Mr. Ronald Montesano is doing just that in June to help support the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in its fight against cancer. Here is his donation page ... Read More »

Don’t get too good at golf

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailThis is too funny and oooohhh soooo true 🙂 I thought you all might enjoy this lesson in humility. I can relate very well to Mr. Patterson, but my notions of granduer happened after I birdied a hole. It was like I’d died and gone to golf heaven, and then every hole after that became “birdiable” – haha…NOT!!! Golf is ... Read More »

The Magnetism of John Daly

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailI saw John play the skins game up at Nicklaus North two years ago and he was great. Not only did he wow the crowd with his drives, but he was so talkative and friendly with the audience and other players. I sure hope he comes back from this set back and really starts to perform like his fans all ... Read More »

I’ve moved from WordPress

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailHello everyone Just a quick note to say hello and introduce myself. I have been blogging for my business clients and for fun for a while now and have decided to try out the new for my personal blog. So I’m moving my blog from to here. I’ll be posting some stories and commentary on golf soon. I ... Read More »